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Post-Meet Quotes - NCAA Championships



Thursday, April 21, 2005

Session II Quotes

BYU Head Coach Brad Cattermole

On his team's performance

"I'm proud of our girls. We held in there and gave it our best shot. They just refused to give up. When you are competing against the 11 best teams in the nation, you have to have a great night. We held in there and I know the kids wanted to do better. The girls are motivated to get the younger girls motivated for next year."

On bars

"We haven't had the same lineup twice all year long and I just made a mistake in the lineup. So we just ended up switching Kylee (Draper) and Marie (Claveau)."

On the experience of being at NCAA Championships

"This was a wonderful experience. It's been a while since we have been back here and the kids were really excited. The difference with previous Nationals is that we always had kids that were here before. A couple girls on the team would have been here a couple years prior, but not this time. This was a new experience for the entire team because not one girl had been here before. They were excited, but I think they were too excited."

University of Alabama Head Coach Sarah Patterson

"One of our goals prior to each season is to be on the floor the last night of the NCAA Championships, competing for a national title. It isn't easy. It was nerve-wracking out there for us tonight with so much pressure placed on each of the teams to make it to the Super Six. We will be more relaxed tomorrow. We made some mistakes tonight that we will be working towards correcting in the Super Six. This is the deepest field I have ever been a part of for an NCAA Championship and Super Six competitions."

On the crowd size

"I think it's great being able to compete at an SEC school. I told (Auburn Senior Women's Administrator) Barbara Camp I'm sure she's happy that Alabama and Georgia are in the Super Six for ticket sales. We will be able to have more fans come down tomorrow. The excitement and atmosphere will be great, and I know our team loves performing in front of big crowds. We like having the noise around us."

On ending on beam

"In 2002, we ended on beam at SEC Championships, NCAA Regionals, NCAA Championships first meet and at the Super Six. We've ended on beam a lot, and it doesn't bother us having to do that. Half of the meets in the regular season, we have to end on beam. We were relaxed after having a great performance on bars, and it made things easier on us in beam. If you go into the balance beam in a hole, it makes it much more difficult on you."

UCLA Head Coach Valorie Kondos Field

"This meet gets harder and harder every year. I think that this meet and the Regionals meet are the two biggest nail biters of the season. I was really happy with my team's energy out there. We made some mistakes, which is good because it gives us something to work on for tomorrow's meet. It's far more nerve-wracking going into the Super Six meet when you have a perfect meet on Thursday night than it is when you go in having to correct mistakes."

UCLA Gymnast Tasha Schwikert

On first big national meet

"I would have to say when I went out there I was pretty nervous. It is kind of different than regular season meets. However, my coaches were so supportive and my teammates were behind me and it just made the butterflies go away. It just made me feel good that I knew the entire team had my back. I am also really impressed with the performance of Kristen Maloney. She has been hurt and she competed through the pain. It really motivated the team to take it to the next level."

On performance after the second rotation

"We never looked at the scores while we are out there competing. We knew that we had not done our best on the first two events, but we also knew that the floor and the vault were two of our best events. I really think that my teammates and I were ready to go out the last two events to show everyone what we had. We also really wanted to show everyone what we had on the floor, because it was Coach (Marshall) Nelson's first year to coach us on floor and we wanted to show everyone what he has taught us this season."

University of Georgia Head Coach Suzanne Yoculan

"From a coach's standpoint, I have never worked as hard at an NCAA Championship first meet than I did tonight. The days of us coming in and treating this like an intra-squad scrimmage and warm-up for the Super Six are over. I'm exhausted from having to coach 24 routines and 24 warm-ups. This was a heck of a meet, and it was full of great competition. I was thrilled with the way my team performed. In my experience at Georgia, lightning doesn't strike twice to our teams, and we hope that our performance at Regionals is far behind us.

Georgia Gymnast Katie Heenan

On her first big national meet "It was a lot easier for me because I knew my team was behind me in every event that I competed on. I know that we had a team goal coming in, and I just wanted to keep that team mindset. We competed together and that helped me a lot. I just wanted to help us take it to the next level as a team."

Session I Quotes

Michigan Head Coach Beverly Plocki

'We are extremely excited to be moving on to the Super Six. I thought we did a great job on three of our events and we did a good job of staying on the beam in the other. Obviously, there is a lot for us to improve on in that event. This will be our ninth Super Six and it never gets old making it. It always feels like the first one when we make it. We're thrilled to be moving on.'

On Michigan's vault routines...

'I wasn't worried after we took a fall on the first vault because it's such a fluke that it happened. We weren't adding up scores to see what we needed to qualify for tomorrow. We saw that Utah was pretty much out of reach, but it was very close with the next three teams. We concentrated on our vault routines and within ourselves. I thought we had the best vaults of the season and I'm really proud of our girls for getting the job done.'

Michigan Gymnast Jenny Deiley

On the way the team ended on vault...

'I definitely was not watching our team vault because I like to get into a deep mindset for my vault. However, I could hear the fans cheering and I knew it was going well.'

Nebraska Head Coach Dan Kendig

'I can't tell you how excited we are to be moving on. What an emotional roller coaster we have been on the past couple of weeks with our injuries and everyone in the country basically counting us out. I think the injury to Richelle Simpson brought our team closer together. For whatever reason, Utah, Michigan and Nebraska always get put in the same session together and knock each other out it seems. Thankfully, we were all able to qualify for the Super Six together, and we are looking forward to moving on with those two teams.'

On Emily Parson's floor routine...

'I generally don't write down scores during the meet because it usually makes me more nervous. I knew exactly what she needed to score to move us on to the Super Six. I wasn't going to tell her what she needed, though. We knew she was capable of scoring what we needed and she just went out and was great.'

On the Super Six...

'We are just happy to be one of the three moving on. The scores were close enough that it could have been the other three teams moving on just as easily as it is the three teams now. What happened today doesn't really matter tomorrow because it's another meet. I think there is more pressure on today's meet than Friday's meet because the competition is so high to move on. Tomorrow, all you can do is worry about your own team and your scores on each routine. We are elated to be one of the six teams tomorrow.'

Nebraska Gymnast Emily Parsons

On her floor exercise...

'I did not know what score I needed to have to put us into the Super Six. I just knew we had a couple mistakes so I wanted to put up the best score I could. I just had to have faith in what I am doing just like our team does everyday.'

On Richelle Simpson...

'We all talked last night and Richelle told us to have fun while we were out there and to use our nervousness to our advantage. She said that if we did that everything would work out just fine.'

Utah Head Coach Greg Marsden

'It's great to be moving on. I think this opening round gets more and more difficult every year, and it's so much tougher to move on to the Super Six. As you can see from today's results, anyone can have an off night in an event and not move on. We are excited to have a chance to move on to the Super Six.'

Utah Gymnast Annabeth Eberle

On today's performance...

'We did exactly what we have been training to do. We just went out and had fun and did our best. That is all we can ask of ourselves.'

On whether Utah can perform better tomorrow...

'I think that we can always improve. We want Nicole to hit on beam. We just have to continue to compete and do our best and good things will happen.