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Utes Edge Cougars in Record-Setting Meet

SALT LAKE -- In what has become familiar territory, the Cougars set a new school record for the second week in a row, scoring a 197.375 in front of 10,897 fans at the Huntsman Center on Friday night. Utah tied a school record with a 197.925 to secure the victory.

BYU set or tied five school records, including new team highs on the vault and the beam to lead them to the new team record. In the all-around, Kelly Parkinson tied the school record she set last week with a 39.625. Kim Little scored her career-high in the all-around with a 39.475.

"That was a good meet," said BYU coach Brad Cattermole. "We did really well. We went through a slump a few weeks ago where we tried too hard to get the big scores rather than just performing and letting the scores fall as they may. The last two meets we have just gone out and competed and not worried about the scores."

The Cougars started the last meet of the 2001 regular season by scoring a 49.300 on the bars, the fourth-best of the season and fifth-best of all-time. Kelly Parkinson scored the highest for the Cougars with a 9.900.

The Cougars set a new school record on the vault for the second time this season, scoring a 49.175. They broke the record of 49.100 that was set earlier this season at Southern Utah. Parkinson set a career high with a 9.950 to lead the Cougars.

"It was a great meet," said Cattermole. "We love to come here and compete. This is almost like a home meet. These people appreciate good gymnastics. We enjoy it."

In the third rotation, the Cougars and the Utes traded scores. The final five scores for each team were identical, including three 9.950s to finish the rotation for each school. Both teams scored a 49.625, which broke the school record, a 49.575 the Cougars set just a week ago.

In the final rotation, with Utah leading by 0.025 points, BYU again set a new school record with a 49.275, but Utah scored an incredible 49.800 on the floor, including a perfect 10 by Shannon Bowles to take the victory.


BYU 197.375* Utah 197.925*

Vault 49.175* 49.400

Jeni Lopez 9.775** Lindsay Tanner 9.675

Trisha Driggs 9.700 Theresa Wolf 9.775

Brogan Jacobsen 9.750 Shannon Bowles 9.850

Kim Little 9.825 Melissa Vituj 9.900**

Angie Hickman 9.875 Kylee Wagner 9.925**

Kelly Parkinson 9.950** Veronique Leclerc 9.950

Bars 49.300 49.100

Jeni Lopez 9.825 Tacia LaBatte 9.875

Brooke Craig 9.850 Veronique Leclerc 9.900

Brogan Jacobsen 9.325 Theresa Wolf 9.950**

Lindsay Lines 9.850 Shannon Bowles 9.050

Kim Little 9.875 Deidra Graham 9.425

Kelly Parkinson 9.900 Theresa Kulikowski 9.950

Beam 49.275* 49.625

Brooke Craig 9.800 Kylee Wagner 9.875**

Karen Froerer 9.875** Veronique Leclerc 9.875

Kim Little 9.825 Melissa Vituj 9.900

Lindsay Lines 9.875** Theresa Wolf 9.950**

Kari Dye 9.875 Theresa Kulikowski 9.950

Kelly Parkinson 9.825 Shannon Bowles 9.950

Floor 49.625* 49.800*

Candace Cosgrave 9.850 Lindsay Tanner 9.775

Angie Hickman 9.875** Veronique Leclerc 9.950**

Kari Dye 9.900 Melissa Vituj 9.950**

Jeni Lopez 9.950** Kylee Wagner 9.950

Kim Little 9.950 Shannon Bowles 10.000*

Kelly Parkinson 9.950** Theresa Wolf 9.950


Kelly Parkinson 39.625* Veronique Leclerc 39.675**

Kim Little 39.475** Theresa Wolf 39.625**

Shannon Bowles 38.850

* School record

** Career high