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BYU had highest total attendance in 2012

(Photo by BYU Photo/Jaren Wilkey)

PROVO, Utah - The BYU women's soccer team, for the second year in a row, had the highest total attendance for the 2012 season with a total of 48,858 fans coming to South Field to see the Cougars.

Last season the Cougars had a total of 31,697 fans at their 11 home games and this season, with extra home games due to BYU's successful run in the NCAA tournament, more than 15,000 more fans were able to see BYU play on South Field. 

Portland was the only other school from the West Coast Conference in the top 10, as the team with the highest average home attendance.

BYU's number was just under Portland with an average of 3,257 fans at each home game. 

Five games from the 2012 season made it into the top 10 of BYU's record books for total home attendance, with BYU's game against Penn State on Sept. 6 setting the new attendance record

Team total
home attendance
# of home games average
home attendance
Portland 43,064 13 3,312
BYU 48,858 15 3,257
Texas A&M 29,955 13 2,304
New Mexico 8,903 5 1,780
Penn State 20,811 13 1,600
Stanford 20,494 13 1,576
Georgia 13,625 9 1,513
TCU 14,134 10 1,413
North Carolina 13,989 10 1,398
Florida State 17,088 14 1,220