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Up Close: Ashley Smith

Favorite cold cereal: Honey Nut Chex

Favorite Jennifer Rockwood quote: "No treats on trips" and "Sweet shot"

I chose soccer over other sports because: It's my passion

Before a game I: Rest and visualize

How did I spend my off-season: Training and play for the Utah Spiders and worked camps

Who has had the greatest influence on my soccer career and why: My parents because they are so supportive and always keep me going, through good time and hard times.

What do I want to be doing 20 years from now: Practice social work somewhere, have a family and coach soccer

Who is the best soccer player/team I have ever faced: Aleisha Rose

What would I like to do sometime in my life: Go skydiving and travel to Australia

Dream vacation: Tahiti

Best advice I've ever received: From my parents "Believe me now, understand me later"

My favorite movie: Goonies

My favorite book is: Tuesday's with Morrie

If I could play another sport it would be: Tennis

What is my favorite hobby or activity away from soccer: Guitar

My favorite musical group: I like all sorts of different music types

People say I look like: I don't know but my face must be familiar because lots of people say I look like random people's sister.

Favorite professor at BYU: Randy Bott

Most interesting class I've taken at BYU: Bowling

What is my most memorable athletic achievement or moment: Winning state high school and making it to the Elite Eight and being a part of that memorable team

If I had to give up all of my possessions except one, what would be the one thing I kept: My roommate Bug

Favorite scripture: 3 Nephi 12:15-16

My favorite Web site is: www.hotmail.com because I love emailing

My advice to youngsters: Don't take the simple things in life for granted and never give up on your dreams

Interesting fact most people don't know about me: I usually eat either cookies, brownies, cake or pop tarts for breakfast

If you could invite any three people to dinner who would they be: Prophet, Oprah, Parents (they are married so they count as one)

On the day of a game, how do your friends and relatives follow the game: They come to the game and support

Most embarrassing moment as a player: This has happened a few times, but I went to kick a goal kick and as I struck the ball I fell back and landed on my behind

What do you contribute to the team: Beauty, treats (when people need sugar) and positive encouragement

Scariest thing about adjusting to college life: The first two weeks of pre-season living with Jaime

What have you worked on most this off-season: Making myself the best player I've ever been

My first job: Working at the Down East Outfitter Warehouse

Nickname: Trash, Ash-b-gash

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