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Europe Trip: Recap

The team gathers for a photo after a game in Prague against Sparta Praha. (Photo by BYU Soccer Staff)

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Day 1: travel

Day 2: Switzerland
Days 1 and 2 were mostly spent traveling, finding lost bags and getting lost while trying to find hotels. 

Day 3: Interlaken, Switzerland

On the third day of the team's adventure they rode the Jungfrau Railway through the heart of the mountains and up to the highest train station in Europe. From there, the mountain giants of Eiger and Monach were visible and made for some great photo opportunities.  

Day 4: Innsburk, Austria

On Day 4, the team went to see the world's largest crystal. It weighs 137 pounds! In conjunction with the world's largest crystal, they were also able to visit the crystal museum in Innsburk. After a long day of touring the coaches went to a Chelsea vs. Barcelona game while the girls went back to the hotel to rest.

Day 5: Ramsau, Germany - Salzburg, Austria

Day 5 was mostly spent traveling, to the team's next game, but they were able to stop in Ramsau, Germany, before the game where they enjoyed all the beautiful scenery. Back on the bus, the team made its way to Salzburg where they'd play their first game. Once they got there, they had a tour of the city and got to see parts of where The Sound of Music was filmed! To finish off the day the team had their first game in Salzburg and won 7-0.

Game 1
BYU 7, FC Bergheim-USK 0
Location: Salzburg
Goals: Carlee Payne (2), Niki Fernandes, Angelica Dickson (2), Cloee Colohan, and Megan Ferreday

Day 6: Salzburg, Austria

Day 6 started with shopping and sight seeing in Salzburg before getting on the bus and heading out to Vienna for their second game against Union Klein where they won 10-0.

Game 2
BYU 10, Union Klein 0
Location: Vienna
Goals: Carlee Payne (2), Niki Fernandes (2), Angelica DicksonKayla Varner (2), Jaiden Thornock (2), McKinzie Olson

Day 7: Vienna, Austria

A chance to sleep in highlighted Day 7 before the team headed into town for a tour of the many churches and cathedrals. The evening was spent at a local amusment park where the team rode rides, enjoyed some dinner and bought a few souvenirs.

Day 8: Vienna, Austria

The eighth day was spent in the city, shopping and taking tours. In the early evening, the team went to a soccer game between FK Austrian Wien and Wacker Innsbruck before heading back into town for dinner.

Day 9: Prague, Czech

For Day 9, the team got to go to church in Vienna, Austria where they met so many wonderful people. A few group members were able to use headphones to listen to an interpreter but most just listened and enjoyed the spirit that was present. After church everyone changed and hopped on the bus towards the heart of Prague where the team was to give a fireside. After arriving and getting back into church clothes, Niki Fernandes, Katherine Snyder, Angelica Dickson, Jessica Ringwood and Annie Amos all spoke to the congregation. The evening was topped off with dinner in the city.

Day 10: Prague, Czech

Day 10 was spent in the beautiful city of Prague! The team had a tour of the city, the Prague Castle and more. After all of the great tours, the team went to the “Old City” and did some shopping for last-minute chocolate and other goodies. The "Old City" was very crowded but one of the team's favorite things to see was the Astronomical Clock which was built in 1410 and is the oldest still working. The team's third game was played in Sparta Praha's huge facility with eight different fields to choose from, the team played on Strahov Stadium. 

Game 3 
BYU 6, Sparta Prague 0
Location: Prague
Goals: Niki Fernandes. Jessica Ringwood, Kayla Varner, Marissa Nimmer, and Jaiden Thornock (2)

Day 11: Prague, Czech

For the team's final day, they took the morning to shop in the city or do last-minute sight seeing. Some went to the Jewish Cemetery, and had an amazing experience, then everyone met back together for a boat ride, lunch and a farewell speech from Joe, the tour guide. The final game of the trip was played in the mid afternoon before everyone returned back to the "Old City" for dinner and more shopping.

Game 4 
BYU 7, Sparta Prague 0
Location: Czech
Goals: Jaiden Thornock (3), Niki Fernandes, Kayla Varner, Jessica Ringwood, Jennie Marshall

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