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Getting To Know: Cloee Colohan

(Photo by BYU Design/Jeff Wood)

Junior-to-be Cloee Colohan is a transfer midfield/defender from the University of Portland. She grew up in West Point, Utah. 

Birthday: June 1, 1991

Hometown: West Point, Utah

Family: Debbie and Kevin Colohan (parents) ... three older siblings

Major: Business

So, why transfer?
"Probably the biggest reason I decided was to transfer was the lifestyle. It's sometimes hard for people that aren't LDS to understand but being in Portland, in the way of LDS standards, was hard. I knew that going into it when I decided to go to Portland but I didn't think it'd get to a point that I wouldn't be able to handle it anymore."

What was it like playing at Portland, a soccer powerhouse?
"Soccer was great at Portland and I enjoyed my years there. I sat out my freshman year but played the next two."

How did the transfer happen?
"I came home last Christmas break and usually am really excited to get back to Portland, because I loved it, but this time I wasn't. For some reason I just had this weird feeling that I didn't want to go back. And when Portland had played BYU in the fall I didn't play because I was hurt, but I still came and saw what BYU was all about. I saw how they were as a team, and I knew I wanted to be a part of that. So, after Christmas, I got back to Portland and I struggled. I knew I couldn't stay so I talked to my coach and decided to go. The next day I was on a flight to Utah, without even knowing if I could play at BYU or not. It was a huge leap of faith."

Did you know any girls on BYU's team before you came here?
"I knew Niki Fernandes really well. Her parents and mine went to school together, and ever since we were kids we'd played sports together and been friends. I also knew Lindsi Lisonbee because we had played club together, and because she had originally committed to Portland too. I played with Colette Jepson on our club team too, and Carlee Payne and I had played on the regional team a long time ago so I knew a few of the girls."

What do you think about BYU's team this season?
"Honestly, there is so much talent on this year's team. There are so many girls on this team that are so talented and play soccer so well. I think our chances of getting into the playoffs this year are really good."