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Introducing freshman Avery Calton

(Photo by BYU Photo)

Introducing freshman Avery Calton

No. 12 Ogden, Utah

Calton will play as a defender this season for the BYU women's soccer team. She's really looking forward to her freshman year and the new experiences that entails.

"That college experience everybody hopes for, football games I'm super excited for," Calton said, adding that her favorite player is Ross Apo. "That's kind of apart from soccer. With soccer I want to get as far as we can in the NCAA tournament, learn as much as I can coming in as a freshman. We have so much to learn and grow with and we can learn so much from the other girls."

Calton was Ms. Soccer in the state of Utah last season and won a state championship two years ago at Ogden High. She said she had grown up around Ogden High.

"All my sisters went there, my brother goes there now," she said. "Softball games, football games, soccer games, I ran cross country, just growing up it kind of raised me."

She enjoys Ogden and has a soft spot for Tony's Pizza.

"We've always gone there for dinner together as a family," Calton said. "It's some of the best pizza around -- super yummy thick crust. I just have a lot of memories there I guess."

As a freshman on the soccer team she's looking to make some more memories here at BYU.

"First and foremost I've got to get an education," Calton said. "I'm super excited to graduate from such a prestigious university. A national championship has always been in my sights, so working hard towards that, making friends that I'll have a for a lifetime and gaining knowledge about having the spirit with me and the religion I'm a part of."

BYU had just about everything she was looking for from her college years and soccer career.

"Number one, just the standard of student," Calton said. "(Number two), the way (head coach Jennifer) Rockwood, Aleisha (Cramer Rose) and coach (Chris) Watkins coach along with a greater purpose and add a new level to the game. As well as the student life having so much in common with all the other students, it kind of sets us above the rest."