Introducing freshman Kayci Griffin

(Photo by BYU Photo)

Introducing freshman Kayci Griffin

No. 16 Cedar Park, Texas


Griffin will play as a midfielder for the BYU women's soccer team. She was voted All-State First Team in Texas her senior year in high school and her team made it to the Texas State Final Four.

Griffin was in attendance for the Elite Eight game against North Carolina last season. There wasn't much doubt about coming to BYU after that.

"The energy was insane," Griffin said. "Going into overtime, golden goal anybody could win. It solidified my excitement to come here because it was so intense and just really fun."

Being able to play on South Field in that energy is something she can't wait to experience.

"I can't really imagine," Griffin said. "I feel like the first time it happens it'll be really surreal and something I've always worked for. It'll just be an amazing experience."

Griffin lived in a suburb of Austin, Texas, and enjoyed visiting downtown Austin.

"Downtown in general is my favorite spot," Griffin said. "There's so many different things. The people are so weird and the place is so weird in general and there are so many things to do."

She never wanted to go to South by Southwest, saying "it's always crazy," but she did want to come to BYU.

"There are people that dream of playing college soccer anywhere they could go," Griffin said. "It was always my dream to go to play at BYU. I wanted to come here regardless if I played soccer or not. All my siblings have gone here, it's just kind of a family thing. I've just always wanted to come here.

"Soccer was definitely something I really wanted to do. It was my goal from childhood. When I started playing people always asked where I wanted to go because in club soccer it's so competitive these days. Soccer was definitely the forefront thing."

Now that she's here, she's preparing to be a math teacher.

"I've always enjoyed math and it has kind of clicked with me," Griffin said. "I'm just going for it. I think I'm going to be a math teacher, so I really enjoy (math)."