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BYU Women's Swim&Dive Team Earns CSCAA Academic Honors

2009-10 BYU Women's Swim and Dive Team (Photo by Mark Philbrick/BYU Photo)

EVANSTON -- The College Swimming Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) has named 341 intercollegiate swimming & diving teams to its Scholar-Athlete All-American list, the BYU women included in the top 100 of Division I swimming universities.

“One of the things we emphasize and take pride in our program is our academics,” said BYU head coach Tim Powers. “We have always been one of the top teams in the nation academically because that is our number one concern.”

The list recognizes those programs that achieve a grade point average of 3.00 or higher in the Fall Semester. The 341 teams, representing 241 colleges and universities is the largest number of award recipients since the CSCAA raised the criteria for selection in 2008.

“Swimming is our icing on the cake while the real substance is the great education our athletes obtain here,” said Powers. “We realize there is life after swimming, but that just makes the college experience more enjoyable.”

"This is a fine example of our great athletes and coaches 'walking the walk' in embodying the concept of the Student Athlete," said CSCAA Executive Director Bob Groseth.

The University of Bridgeport's women's program led all teams with a 3.65 GPA in the fall semester. Division III's Oberlin University topped all men's teams with a 3.59 GPA.

The Gardner-Webb University women and and American University men's teams led all Division I programs with 3.52 and 3.47 GPA's respectively. The University of Findlay posted the highest GPA (3.42) among Division II men's teams while the women of Hamilton College posted a 3.59 GPA to lead Division III women's teams.

A complete list of teams is listed below by Division and by name.

Division I

Women's Teams

3.52 Gardner-Webb University

3.49 University of Akron

3.49 University of Illinois

3.48 George Washington University

3.48 Purdue University

3.47 University of Georgia

3.46 Bucknell University

3.46 Georgia Southern University

3.44 New Mexico State University

3.43 Lafayette College

3.43 University of Evansville

3.43 Wright State University

3.42 Duke University

3.42 Saint Francis University

3.42 University of Denver

3.41 American University

3.41 University of Cincinnati

3.41 University of Toledo

3.40 Yale University

3.39 University of Houston

3.39 University of North Dakota

3.38 University of Alabama

3.38 Univ of San Diego

3.37 Towson University

3.37 Xavier University

3.37 Youngstown State University

3.36 California State University, Fresno

3.36 Fairfield University

3.36 Manhattan College

3.36 NJ Institute of Technology

3.36 University of South Carolina

3.36 University of Illinois-Chicago

3.35 Loyola Marymount University

3.35 University of Louisville

3.35 University of Minnesota

3.35 University of Northern Iowa

3.34 Brown University

3.34 University of Notre Dame

3.34 University of South Dakota

3.32 Ohio State University

3.32 UNLV

3.31 Auburn University

3.31 Davidson College

3.31 Illinois State University

3.30 Clemson University

3.30 Florida Gulf Coast University

3.30 Tulane University

3.29 Marist College

3.28 Southern Methodist

3.28 University of Vermont

3.26 Canisius College

3.26 Columbia University

3.26 Florida International Univ.

3.26 La Salle University

3.26 Lehigh University

3.26 Northwestern University

3.26 Rutgers University

3.26 University of New Mexico

3.25 Indiana University

3.24 Boise State University

3.24 Northern Arizona University

3.24 Texas A&M University

3.24 Texas Christian University

3.24 University of North Florida

3.23 Eastern Michigan University

3.23 Northeastern University

3.22 University of Hawaii

3.22 University of Michigan

3.22 University of North Texas

3.21 University of California, Berkeley

3.20 Missouri State University

3.20 Southern Illinois University

3.19 Iowa State University

3.19 Miami University

3.19 University of California

3.19 University of Pittsburgh

3.18 Cornell University

3.18 Georgetown University

3.18 University at Buffalo

3.17 Iona College

3.17 Stony Brook University

3.17 UC Santa Barbara

3.16 Vanderbilt University

3.15 Colorado State University

3.15 Florida State University

3.15 South Dakota State University

3.14 Oakland University

3.14 Providence College

3.14 University of Tennessee

3.14 West Virginia University

3.13 Binghamton University

3.13 Oregon State University

3.12 San Jose State University

3.12 University of Connecticut

3.12 Virginia Tech

3.11 Ohio University

3.11 Saint Peter's College

3.10 Brigham Young University

3.09 East Carolina Univ

3.08 University of Virginia

3.07 North Carolina-Chapel Hill

3.06 Louisiana State University

3.06 University of Richmond

3.05 Bryant University

3.04 California State University-Bakersfield

3.04 Fordham University

3.03 Butler University

3.03 University of Kansas

3.02 Cleveland State University

3.02 University of New Orleans

3.01 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

3.00 Georgia Institute of Technology