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Getting to Know Elizaveta Ezhova

(Photo by Mark Philbrick/BYU Photo)

Academic Major:


Two things I need to travel:

1. My friend/sister/family 2. My elephant Victor

Non-athlete hero:

My mom. She is the person I want to become.

Athlete crush:

Marat Safin (He is just too cool...)

Favorite place to eat:

Home!!! (Russia)

Favorite movie:

“Meet Joe Black”

Favorite class:


Something few people know about me:

I went... (If I tell you, that’s gonna be more than a few...)

If I were queen for a day, I’d:

Try all the outfits in my queen’s closet.

Top three things I did this summer:

1. Met my boyfriend 2. Spent the whole day by myself with my niece 3. Watched World Cup 2010.

Motto/favorite quote:

“Everything is gonna be the way it is supposed to be.”

Why I came to BYU:

Coaches, business school, to meet my future best friends Elle and Sara Romero.

Advice to other athletes:

“Giving up is not a choice. There is always a way out, just stay calm and confident and everything is gonna be fine.”