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Up Close: Katy Andrews

(Photo by BYU Photo)

Major: Exercise and Wellness

Hometown: Encinitas, California

Track and field events: 3000-meter steeplechase, 5000-meters

Reason for attending BYU: BYU has the perfect balance between athletics, academics, spiritual and social life.

Best part of being on the BYU track and field team: It’s like having a second family.

Most memorable moment since arriving at BYU: Exploring the mountain terrain.

Favorite movie: Singin’ in the Rain

Best place to eat in Provo: Great Harvest Bread Co. (especially for a mid-run snack!)

If you could be doing anything in 10 years it would be: Loving life

Favorite BYU sport other than track and field: Rugby. It’s fast, thrilling, and confusing enough to keep you interested the whole game.

Funniest member of the BYU track team: Sarah Edwards. Hands down. And she knows it too.

Hidden Talent: I can spot the “Y” on the mountain during any season of the year from any place around.

Best sport you play/played other than track and field: Soccer (my other secret passion)

Best athlete in any sport at BYU: Katie Palmer. She can do literally any sporting activity…soccer, kickball, hiking, sledding. Plus she’s national track material. She is the best all-around athlete at BYU.

If you could add one thing to the BYU campus what would it be: The occasional tree house (sometimes all the good study/lunch spots are taken).

Gatorade, PowerAde or Vitamin Water: Killer Blue PowerAde prepared by Judd or Sam

Most embarrassing moment: I asked a cute boy to go sledding with me by yelling only one word of the question to him each time I ran around the indoor track…but hey, he said yes.