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Argentina - May 1 & 2

The BYU women's volleyball team held their first practice in Argentina on Friday.

May 1 & 2 by senior Bryn Porter

We made it...15 hours of travel later, we've officially arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Most of our time has been spent trying not to fall asleep in an effort to fight jet lag, which has led to an eventful first day here in the country's capital. Once we got our bags together and met up with our tour guides, we had a couple hours in the city to explore. Of course when I say explore, I mean walk straight in one direction within a five block radius of our hotel so as not to get lost in the bustle of people and traffic. I'm sure our next few days will give us a chance to get to know the city better...After getting settled in our hotel and learning what a bidet is, we headed off for our first practice. It was nice to be able to move around after sitting for so long and get ready for our first match tomorrow! Our pre-practice meal provided us with our first taste of Argentine beef, which was of course, amazing. Once we got back to the hotel we got cleaned up and headed back out into the city to do some shopping. We met up again for a team dinner a couple hours later where we were treated to a delicious steak. Now that we're full and happy, I think we're finally allowed to stop fighting jet lag and get some sleep. Ciao!

The Cougars wait in the Salt Lake City airport before the long trip down south.

Our first sight-seeing tour - the Casa Rosada, Argentina's White House.

BYU coaches and staff take a breather in the park in front of Casa Rosada.

Time for lunch, our favorite part! Ravioli and beef give us our first taste of Argentine cuisine.

The Cougars get down to business in the gym with their first practice in Argentina.

First jet lag and then practice, but the Cougars are still all smiles!

Street performers ... they held this pose forever!