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Argentina - May 12 & 13

The BYU women's volleyball team in front of the Buenos Aires temple.

May 12 and 13 by Rachel Dyer

We started early this morning, leaving our hotel in Rosario at 6:30 a.m. We drove a few hours on our favorite double-decker bus back to where we started our trip... Buenos Aires. Although it was only a week, it felt like ages since we'd been back in the city. We spent the afternoon doing some last minute shopping while trying to soak in every last minute of Argentina we could. Most of us ate our last meals of empanadas, steaks, hamburguesas, licuados, and of course... helado (ice cream) sitting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. Before heading to the airport, we stopped at the Buenos Aires Argentina Temple to take pictures as a team. It is a gorgeous temple, and the grounds are kept so clean and beautiful. It truly stands apart from the rest of the city and we were grateful to see it, if only for a few minutes. Now we are on our way back to the States. It has been a fun experience for all of us to be immersed in the rich culture of Argentina... and also to volley here and there. We are grateful for this experience we have been able to have and also excited to come home. Traveling to Argentina has opened our eyes and perspectives and also made us more fully appreciate America. Thanks for reading our blog and being part of our Cougar Adventure in Argentina! Ciao!

Christy Carpenter and Kiana Rogers enjoy their last day in Argentina.

Bryn Porter and Rachel Dyer sip a banana shake in the sun.

Our awesome tour guides, Tim and Pichu.

The Buenos Aires Temple.

The Buenos Aires Temple.

The BYU women's volleyball team in front of the Buenos Aires Temple.

Hanging out during our two-hour layover in Atlanta.

In the van on the way to Provo!!!