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Calling All Students

The BYU Cougars are looking for students to serve as ballboys and linespeople during the 2006 season. (Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo)

BYU Seeks Ballboys for 2006 Season

PROVO -- Attention Students! Are you tired of grunt work? Are you sick of paper-pushing? If so, the BYU Women's Volleyball team has the job for you!

The Cougars are looking for dedicated individuals to serve as ballboys (or girls) for the upcoming 2006 season. Ballboys are responsible for caring for balls during matches and ensuring that each team has balls available for warm-up and serving. Those who serve in this capacity are also charged with the task of entertaining the crowd during breaks in the match as well as various other duties.

As this is a paid position, full-time student status is required as well as a commitment to attend all of BYU's home matches. The Cougars' 2006 schedule can be found online at BYU is also looking for two experienced linespeople with the same requirements. Interested individuals should contact Brooke Huebner at 422-3838 or via email at

The following are testimonials of previous ballboys.

"Over the years we've seen players come and go, we've tasted the sweet nectar of victory as well as the bitterness of defeat, and we've been able to give a little bit back to a community and university that have given so much to us.

Anyone can chase down a wayward ball, but it takes a special kind of resilience and mental toughness to withstand the pressure and scrutiny of being in the constant spotlight of college athletics.

A ballboy must be willing and able to leave the ninety and nine to follow after the lost ball where ever it might have gone, be it into the crowd, out onto the track, or under the bleachers. A ballboy should understand that he or she must be absolutely reliable and dependable. They must arrive early to every game, fully prepared to give 110%--no matter if it takes three, four, or even five games for the women to defeat their opponent. The players and coaches get breaks and timeouts and substitutions, but for the ballboys there is no rest. They must be

on constant vigil, taking care of balls, preserving the integrity of the game, ensuring the safety of players and fans, and at all times entertaining those in attendance. A ballboy must also have the highly developed ability to focus on the tasks at hand, as it can be easy to get distracted by the beautiful people that abound at BYU volleyball matches. Good luck in your quest."

-- Greg Hunt

"Being the ball boy is more than just a job, a task or a simple chore (as some may think). It is a lifestyle. The players must come to trust you on and off the court so that, in that high-pressure, white-knuckle moment, they can look to you and know, without a doubt, that a dry, polished ball is going to be there--not with too much spin or too far ahead or behind--but precisely where they want it.

The perks are innumerable, but you can't let them go to your head. An unlimited supply of water and Powerade during the games is at your fingertips; some of the most attractive individuals in the history of history are at close range for viewing pleasure; and if you play your part well, there is always a seat reserved for you at the closing banquet.

Don't think it is easy. You may have to hold four, even five balls at once. You must protect the fans from errant balls traveling at speeds beyond your numerical comprehension. You must guard the game balls as though they were your own children. You must be ready to entertain the crowd at a moment's notice, because they WILL ask you to. You must be faster than lightning, for even the thought of delaying the game should bring shudders down your entire body. You must be ready to give autographs or your phone number. You must match the other ball boy, and never, ever leave your wingman. Sometimes to fetch balls, you have to crawl under the bleachers at the ends of the court from one end to the other in the tiniest, dustiest space--if you are claustrophobic you need not apply. Most importantly, have fun. You will be recognized as far as Las Vegas and Rexburg. Good luck."

-- Bracken Webb