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Cougar Corner - Lindsey Metcalf

Junior outside hitter Lindsey Metcalf has started all 25 matches for BYU through Nov. 15. She and her Cougar teammates will compete in the Mountain West Conference Tournament, Nov. 20-22, in San Diego, Calif. (Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo)

This is the sixth in a series of weekly BYU Women's Volleyball Team player profiles.

Quick, name a BYU student-athlete that competes in two sports. Better yet, name one that excels in both sports.

If you named Lindsey Metcalf, you truly know your Cougar sports. Metcalf, a junior, is a starting outside hitter on the women's volleyball team and as a track star is a two-time Mountain West high jump champion and two-time All-American.

Currently in the midst of her volleyball season and just days before the MWC Tournament, Metcalf is as busy as ever, and for good reason.

In 2003 alone Metcalf spent every weekend from January to the end of June competing in various track meets. In July, she was able to take a breath -- just in time for her one-year wedding anniversary and a couple of family reunions. Then in August, volleyball two-a-days hit, and it has been non-stop ever since.

One would think, with an athletic schedule as demanding as Metcalf's, that academics would not only take a back seat, but might get lost and locked away in the trunk. Yet, on Nov. 13, Metcalf was the lone Cougar to be named to the Academic All-District VIII University Volleyball Third Team.

In meshing her personal, athletic and academic life, Metcalf, an early childhood education major, sports a 3.87 grade point average. On the court, she has started all 27 matches for BYU this season.

Perhaps the team's best all-around athlete, Metcalf averages 2.29 kills, 2.54 digs and 0.87 service aces per game. She is also the single-match MWC record holder in blocks with 17, which she set against UNLV last year.

Nickname: Met or Metcalf. Carrie can call me "Pepper," but she's the only one.

Favorite movie: Presently it's "Pirates of the Caribbean," but I love "The Sandlot" and "Princess Bride." I could probably quote both of those entire movies.

Favorite music group: U2

Favorite food: My dad's chicken fajitas

Least favorite food: I hate meatloaf

Favorite actor: I have three, Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson and Russell Crowe

Favorite actress: Julia Roberts

Favorite professional sports teams: My husband would be humiliated if I said the Utah Jazz, so I'll go with the Seattle Mariners.

Favorite Web site: or google

Favorite sport other than volleyball: People might think this is gross, but I love to watch wrestling. My dad used to coach wrestling, so I grew up going to wrestling matches. They are so intense. My favorite to participate in, though, is high jump, of course!

If I could add one team to the schedule it would be: University of Washington. My sister-in-law plays middle blocker for them.

The most difficult opposing arena to play in is: Air Force is awful. You have to play on a sport court, the air is super dry and the fans are wicked mean!

Opponent you would most like to beat: Utah

A friend from another college volleyball team: All of my friends from the U.S. Youth National Team are playing all across the country.

The current or former BYU athlete I most enjoy watching perform: I don't know, but Travis Hansen was pretty fun to watch.

I play volleyball because: I love it.

Before a volleyball match, I: Heat my feet and knees in the whirlpool, get ultra-sound, taped by Gaye and then look over the scouting report again. After that, I just chill with my teammates.

Who has had the greatest influence on your volleyball career and why: My parents, because they have always been so supportive and made me think about the right things. My dad especially has taught me to be competitive and not let anyone else be better than me.

Most impressive person I've ever met and why: My Grandpa Carlile. No matter how his life is going, he will ALWAYS make you feel like you are the most important person on the earth. He is incredible at helping people become better and reach their potential.

One place you would like to visit and why: I would love to go to Germany or France, just because!

What is your favorite hobby away from volleyball: Scrapbooking, decorating and cooking.

What is your most memorable athletic achievement or moment: Either beating Colorado State on their home court in the conference tournament for the second time last season, or becoming an All-American in track my freshman year at Nationals.

What gets you pumped up before a match: Just thinking about demolishing a team.

My advice to young volleyball players: If you want to play in college, don't lose sight of that dream. Keep working for until you get it.

Which reality show would you want to be on: Survivor - I know I could win.

What is the best book you've ever read: The Count of Monte Cristo

If you could only keep one possession, what would it be and why: My journal, because it has some pretty cool memories in there. Almost anything else, besides pictures, you could just buy again.

What is your most memorable date: It was an extended date. My boyfriend (now my husband) flew me up to his house in Seattle over Christmas break.

What is one thing you want to do in your lifetime: Shake President Hinckley's hand.

What is your biggest fear: Having one of my loved ones die.

How did you spend your off-season: Traveling to track meets every weekend from January to the end of June. But before coming back for volleyball two-a-days at the beginning of August, I celebrated my one-year wedding anniversary in July, and went to a couple family reunions.

What do you want to be doing in 10 years: Be a mom.

If you could invite three people to dinner, who would they be: my husband, Michael Jordan and Joseph Smith.

Interesting fact most people don't know about me: I'm married to the most incredible person in the world.

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