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Getting To Know ... Bryn Porter

Senior outside hitter Bryn Porter. (Photo by Mark Philbrick/BYU Photo)

Nickname: Brynilyn, Bo Po

First Person I Call After a Game: My parents because they probably have already left me a message

Most Famous Person I've Ever Met: Dakota Fanning

Movie I Have To Have In My Collection: Spice World (obviously)

Favorite Restaurant and Why: Costa Vida for its authentic d?cor and surf videos -- Hola Amigo!

If I Could Change Anything About My Sport, It Would Be: I'd have the line judges use light sabers instead of flags or add trampolines

How Did I Select My Jersey Number: I laugh in the face of superstition

Favorite Holiday and Why: My birthday because other people buy me dinner

If I Could Have One Superpower, I Would Choose: Transporting power both for vacation purposes and to get myself out of awkward situations

One Word That Best Describes Me: Mysterious

Favorite City To Visit: Nuku'alofa, Tonga

One Thing About Me Few People Know: I get scared when fish get to close to me when I'm snorkeling

Best Present I've Ever Received: Easy Bake Oven, Christmas '94

Word or Phrase I Use Way Too Much: "Shut Up"

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