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Getting To Know ... Christie Carpenter

Sophomore outside hitter Christie Carpenter. (Photo by Mark Philbrick/BYU Photo)

Nickname: Carpe

First Person I Call After a Game: My Family

Most Famous Person I've Ever Met: Ryan Cabrera

Movie I Have To Have In My Collection: Tommy Boy

Favorite Restaurant: I have lots of favorites, but I love Caf? Rio

Hottest Hunk in Hollywood: Channing Tatum

If I Could Change Anything About My Sport, It Would Be: That there would be a pro indoor volleyball league in the United States

How Did I Select My Jersey Number: It was just given to me

Favorite Holiday and Why: Christmas for obvious reasons

If I Could Have One Superpower, I Would Choose: To be able to move things with my mind like the Force

One Word That Best Describes Me: Eager

Favorite City To Visit and Why: San Diego because it's where I was born and my Grandpa owns a beach house down there

One Thing About Me Few People Know: My left rib pokes out more than my right

Best Present I've Ever Received: A trip to Hawaii with my Dad

Word or Phrase I Use Way Too Much: Unreal

Favorite Thing About BYU: The amazing spirit that is constantly there

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