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Wasatch Volleyball Festival

The 15th annual Wasatch Volleyball Festival will be held this year on May 12th and 13th.

The Festival was organized as a very special event for youth to participate in the sport of volleyball. A major goal of the event is to stimulate leaders to provide opportunity for young women to participate in the sport. The unique needs of the inter mountain area were especially considered. The schedule reflects continuous play for all participants, regardless of experiences and expertise. The activities include experiences which are characteristic of the area and support family values.

The Festival was established to support a growth enhancing prospective on sports for women. Educational programs for the participants, parents, coaches, and officials are a fundamental part of the experience. Social and recreational experiences are provided in addition to the tournament to incorporate the special meaning of the team, Festival.

At the Festival, "to compete" reverts to its Latin roots where it means, "to seek together." To win a point, a game, a match or a divisional title reflects the mastery of skills, not the ability to conquer or dominate. The participant is encouraged to use each others accomplishments ot inspire the quest of excellence. They are encouraged to ask, "What can I do so that everyone whose life I touch at this event is better off for having shared with me these precious moments?" The Festival is first and foremost a community building educational enterprise guided by solid family values. It is a celebration of the uplifting possibilities that life in sports holds for young women and their mentors.

The Festival's major goal is to raise the sight of all participants, not only to aspire to higher levels of performance, but to create a positive learning environment through exhibiting concern and support for the growth and development of the sport and of fellow participants. We solicit the support of all our inter mountain area coaches, officials, parents, participants and community leaders to direct us in meet the Festival objectives.

For more information on the Wasatch Festival, visit the Festival's homepage by clicking here.

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