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Conference Player of the Year
2019Peter Kuest
2018Patrick Fishburn
2017Patrick Fishburn (Co-Player of the Year)
2013Zac Blair (Co-Player of the Year)
2006Jake Ellison
1992Mike Weir
1990Ramon Brobio
1987Eduardo Herrera
1986Brent Franklin
1984Rick Fehr
1983Rick Fehr
1982Rick Fehr
1981Keith Clearwater
1980Bobby Clampett
1979Bobby Clampett
1978Bobby Clampett
1976Jimmy Blair
1975Mike Reid
1974Jimmy Blair
1972Ray Leach


Individual Conference Champions
2023Zac Jones*
2017Peter Kuest*
2005Nick Becker^
1999Manuel Merizalde
1997Andy Miller
1995Todd Pence
1991Dean Wilson
1984Rick Fehr
1983Robert Meyer
1982Rick Fehr
1980Bobby Clampett
1979Bobby Clampett
1977Jamie Edman
1976Jimmy Blair
1975Mike Reid
1974Jimmy Blair
1972Joey Dills
1970Chip Garris
1966Mike Taylor

*Denotes West Coast Conference Conference Champions

^Denotes Mountain West Conference Champions

1966-1999 — Western Athletic Conference Champions

Conference Freshman of the Year
2017Rhett Rasmussen
2007Robbie Fillmore
2003Daniel Summerhays
1997Andy Miller
1996Michael Henderson
1994Matt Thurmond


All-Conference Honors — Brockbank Era

2022-23Zac Jones1st Team
 Carson Lundell1st Team
 Max BrenchleyHonorable Mention
2021-22Carson Lundell1st Team
2020-21Carson Lundell1st Team
 Kelton HirschHonorable Mention
2018-19Peter Kuest1st Team
 Rhett Rasmussen1st Team
 Carson LundellHonorable Mention
2017-18Patrick Fishburn1st Team
 Rhett RasmussenHonorable Mention
2016-17Patrick Fishburn1st Team
 Rhett RasmussenFreshman of the Year, 1st Team
 Peter Kuest1st Team
2015-16Patrick Fishburn1st Team
2013-14Justin Keiley1st Team
 Jordan Rodgers1st Team
 Joe Parkinson1st Team
2012-13Zac Blair1st Team
2009-10Robbie Fillmore1st Team
2008-09Brady Johnson1st Team
2007-08Robbie Fillmore1st Team
2006-07Jake Ellison1st Team
 Clay Ogden1st Team
 Daniel Summerhays1st Team
 Robbie FillmoreFreshman of the Year
2005-06Jake Ellison1st Team
 Oscar Alvarez1st Team
2004-05Oscar Alvarez1st Team
 Greg Machtaler1st Team
 Nick Becker1st Team
2003-04Greg Machtaler1st Team
 Jake Ellison1st Team
 Oscar Alvarez1st Team
2002-03Daniel SummerhaysFreshman of the Year, 1st Team
 Greg Machtaler1st Team
2001-02Manuel Merizalde1st Team
2000-01Billy Harvey1st Team
1999-00Andy Miller1st Team
 Manuel Merizalde1st Team
1998-99Andy Miller1st Team
 Billy Harvey1st Team
 Manuel Merizalde1st Team
1997-98Andy Miller1st Team
1996-97Michael Henderson1st Team
 Andy MillerFreshman of the Year, 2nd Team
1995-96Lonnie Damon2nd Team
 Todd Pence2nd Team
 Michael HendersonFreshman of the Year
1994-95Todd Pence1st Team
 Joseph Summerhays2nd Team
1993-94Eric Rustand1st Team
 Lonnie Damon2nd Team
 Todd Pence2nd Team
 Brad Sutterfield2nd Team
 Matthew ThurmondFreshman of the Year
1992-93Eric Rustand1st Team
 Brad Sutterfield2nd Team