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Appearance Fees:
There is an appearance fee. The general rate is $250/hr. Events for BYU and schools K-12 have a discounted rate of $150/hr. These prices do not include additional mileage fees for events in excess of 15 miles from BYU campus. If your event is of a charitable nature and you wish for Cosmo to donate his time, please indicate why this is the case in the event description above.
Inclement Weather Policy
Cosmo does not travel to any events in heavy snow, or other dangerous conditions based on the judgement of the driver. If your event is cancelled due to weather, you will be notified as soon as possible, and refund options are available. If your event is outdoors and Cosmo is there when bad weather begins, Cosmo will need an indoor and private place to wait until it is safe for him to leave. To prevent damage to the suit, Cosmo cannot stay outside in rain or snow.

Submitting this form does not guarantee that Cosmo is scheduled for your event. Cosmo’s coordinator will contact you to confirm your request and to make final arrangements. Please submit this form at least 2 weeks before your event date. It is required that you provide Cosmo with water for Cosmo to drink and an enclosed and private place to change/rest. Being a mascot can be hazardous to the performer and Cosmo may require a 10 min break every half hour, especially if the workload is strenuous (dancing and flipping) or in the sun. This time is paid break time and included in the time allotment of the appearance. Please work with the coordinator to make this event unique and personal to you. We will fulfill most requests if they are in accordance with BYU Standards and do not endanger Cosmo or anyone at your event. For more details and specific questions please call 801-422-7613 (leave a voicemail) or email
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