Feb 14 | 12:00 AM
2nd - 195.900
Brigham Young University
1st - 196.375
Boise State University
Anonymous | Posted: 14 Feb 2003 | Updated: 14 Feb 2003

BOISE -- Although the Cougars competed well and received their highest team score this season, the BYU women's gymnastics team fell to the Boise State Broncos Friday night 196.375 to 195.900.

Despite the loss, the Cougars improved their marks from the past two weeks of competition. They scored a 192.475 against Kentucky and a 192.850 at the Cat Classic in Missouri. Their previous highest score this season, a 195.600 was also against Boise State.

Boise's Carla Chambers took the all-around with a 39.250 with BYU's Lindsay Butterfield close behind with a 39.200.

BYU's Kirsten Pauga took first on the vault with a career-high score of 9.925 and tied for third on the bars with a 9.875. Trisha Ashton received season high scores on vault and beam, both 9.900. Ashton took second on vault and tied for first on beam.

Other Cougars that placed in the meet include Lindsay Butterfield and Brogan Jacobsen who tied for third on the bars, and Meghan Donahue who tied for third on the vault.

The Cougars will face Utah State University next Friday, February 21, in Logan at 7 p.m.

Team Results

Boise State 196.375

BYU 195.900

Individual Results


1. Carla Chambers (Boise) 39.250

2. Lindsay Butterfield (BYU) 39.200

Vault (BYU 48.950; Boise 48.675)

1. Kirsten Pauga (BYU) 9.925

2. Trisha Ashton (BYU) 9.900

3. (three-way tie) Breanne Holmes (Boise), Kea Cuaresma (Boise), Meghan Donahue (BYU) 9.800

Other BYU Scores

Lindsay Buttefield 9.675

Brogan Jacobson 9.650

Megan Pessoa 9.325

Uneven Bars: (BYU 48.925; Boise 48.900;)

1. Carla Chambers (Boise) 9.900

2. Kea Cuaresma (Boise) 9.875

3. (three-way tie) Breanne Holmes (Boise), Lindsay Butterfield (BYU), Brogan Jacobsen (BYU) 9.825

Other BYU Scores

Kirsten Pauga 9.775

Lisa Willis 9.775

Kari Lords 9.725

Brooke Haskett 9.225

Balance Beam: (Boise 49.300; BYU 48.925)

1. (tie) Lindsay Thomas (Boise) and Trisha Ashton (BYU) 9.900

3.(three-way tie) Breanne Holmes (Boise), Heidi White (Boise), Kirsten Pauga (BYU) 9.875

Other BYU Scores

Lindsay Butterfield 9.825

Brooke Haskett 9.800

Lisa Willis 9.525

Kari Lords 9.425

Floor Exercise (Boise 49.500; BYU 49.100)

1. Tiffany Putnam (Boise) 9.950

2. (tie) Carla Chambers (Boise), Kea Cuaresma (Boise) 9.925

Other BYU Scores

Kari Lords 9.900

Lindsay Butterfield 9.875

Candace Slater 9.675

Brogan Jacobsen 9.800

Brooke Haskett 9.850

Trisha Ashton 9.625


Anonymous | Posted: 13 Feb 2003 | Updated: 28 Apr 2011

PROVO -- The No. 31 BYU Gymnastics team heads off to Idaho this weekend to battle the Boise State Broncos for the second time this season. The competition will be held Friday, February 14 at 7 p.m. at the Boise State Pavilion.

After two weeks of season-low scores at Kentucky and the Cat Classic, the Cougars are ready to jump back into competition and to raise their scores.

"The girls are looking really good," BYU head coach Brad Cattermole said. "They have refocused their efforts, and there has been a increase in workout performance. They are just ready to go out and compete again."

BYU competed against the Broncos in their first home meet of the season on January 25 in the Smith Fieldhouse. BYU took first with a 195.6 to the Broncos' 193.725.

Last weekend the Cougars participated in the Cat Classic at the University of Missouri. BYU came in last with a 192.850. Boise State took third last weekend in California against California, Cal State Fullerton and UC Davis with a 193.65.

BYU will have to pull together and remain focused to score above the Broncos, but Cattermole is confident that the girls will compete well.

"If the level of performance in our practices are any indicator," he said, "we've got what it takes to start scoring high again."