Mar 21 | 12:00 AM
1st - 195.700
Brigham Young University
2nd - 194.675
University of Missouri, Columbia
Anonymous | Posted: 21 Mar 2003 | Updated: 21 Mar 2003

PROVO -- For the second week in a row the No. 22 Cougars defeated a top 25-ranked team when they beat the Missouri Tigers Friday night in the Marriott Center 195.700-194.675.

As another repeat from last Saturday's meet against Oregon State, BYU gymnasts swept the all-around. Senior Lindsay Butterfield came in first with a career-high 39.400. Sophomore Kirsten Pauga followed suit and received her career-high 39.150, placing her in second. Sophomore Jamie Mabray took third with a 38.725.

Also for the second meet in a row, the Cougars broke the BYU record high on the vault. Last week they broke the school record with a 49.275, and this week they broke it with a 49.375.

Butterfield also took first on the vault with a career-high 9.950. She was followed by teammate Trisha Ashton, who tied with Missouri's Alisha Robinson for second with a 9.900.

BYU's head coach Brad Cattermole said that he was amazed with the performances on vault.

Due to gymnasts out with injuries, BYU competed with only five girls on the bars.

"I am pleased with how the girls fought on the bars," Cattermole said. "If we would have had to count a fall, this meet could have turned out a lot differently."

Missouri's Robinson and teammate Andrea Nervig took first and second on the bars with a 9.850, and BYU's Jamie Mabray and Brogan Jacobsen tied for second with a 9.800.

BYU was shaky on the beam, and the Cougars had to count two falls into their beam score. As a result the Cougars received a 48.025, their second lowest beam score of the season. The lowest score was the last time the Cougars competed against Missouri in February.

Butterfield came out on top on the beam also. She tied with Missouri's Lindsay Davis and Lauren Schwartzman for first with a 9.8950.

As the Cougar's headed to the floor, they were only ahead 146.2-146.075. The team rallied together to nail a 49.5, their second highest team floor score this season, and to solidify their lead over the Tigers.

Butterfield, Jacobsen and teammate Candace Slater tied for first on the floor exercise with a 9.925.

The Cougars will head down to Cedar City, Utah on Monday to compete against the Southern Utah Thunderbirds.

"This is the most important meet. We need to hit and score well to increase our standings. Our average for away meets isn't great, so we have to hit this one."

Team Results

BYU 195.700

Missouri 194.675

Event Results

Vault (BYU 49.375; Missouri 49.025)

1. Lindsay Butterfield (BYU) 9.950

2. (tie) Trisha Ashton (BYU) and Alisha Robinson (Missouri) 9.900

Other BYU Scores:

Kirsten Pauga 9.875

Jamie Mabray 9.850

Meghan Donahue 9.800

Megan Pessoa 9.700

Bars Results (BYU 48.800; Missouri 48.475)

1. Alisha Robinson (Missouri) 9.850

2. Andrea Nervig (Missouri) 9.825

3. (tie) Brogan Jacobsen (BYU) and Jamie Mabray (BYU) 9.800

Other BYU Scores:

Lindsay Butterfield 9.775

Lisa Willis 9.725

Kirsten Pauga 9.700

Beam Results (BYU 48.025; Missouri 48.600)

1. (tie) Lindsay Butterfield (BYU), Lindsay Davis (Missouri) and Lauren

Schwartzman (Missouri) 9.850

Other BYU Scores:

Meghan Donahue 9.825

Kirsten Pauga 9.750

Trisha Ashton 9.375

Lisa Willis 9.225

Jamie Mabray 9.175

Floor Results (BYU 49.500; Missouri 48.575)

1. (tie) Candace Slater (BYU), Brogan Jacobsen (BYU) and Lindsay

Butterfield (BYU) 9.925

Other BYU Scores:

Jamie Mabray 9.900

Kirsten Pauga 9.825

Lisa Willis 9.675


Anonymous | Posted: 19 Mar 2003 | Updated: 28 Apr 2011

PROVO -- The No. 22-ranked Cougars face the No. 23 University of Missouri Tigers Friday, March 21, at 7 p.m. in the Marriott Center.

The Cougar are coming off of an excellent meet against Oregon State last weekend. The Cougars defeated the previously No. 10 Beavers 196.775-193.325.

The Cougars swept the all-around competition with Jamie Mabray taking first, Lindsay Butterfield taking second and Kirsten Pauga taking third. Both Butterfield and Pauga received career-high all-around scores.

The Missouri Tigers come to BYU after defeating the Arkansas Razorbacks last weekend 195.875-195.375. The win brings Missouri's season record to 10-6 overall.

Missouri's Alisha Robinson won the all-around against Arkansas with a 39.425, her highest score of the year.

The Cougars competed against the Tigers once already this season in the State Farm Cat Classic competition Feb. 7-8. Falls on the bars and beam cost the Cougars in the running, scoring a 192.850, their second lowest score of the season.

Missouri took first in the competition with a 195.875, and Missouri's Lindsay Davis and Alisha Robinson took second and third, respectively, in the all-around.

The Cougars have since stepped up their performances and level of competition. The Cougars have been competing fiercely and have broken three school records this season.

BYU's team vault score record was broken last weekend against Oregon State when the Cougars received a 49.275. The other two school records broken were the top individual scores on beam and floor, when in the same meet against SUU, CMU and USU Kari Lords received a perfect 10.0 on her beam routine and Brogan Jacobsen followed suit and received a perfect score on her floor exercise. The only other 10.0 in BYU women's gymnastics was in 1992 by Christy McAdams on the vault.

The BYU v. Missouri match-up concludes the Cougars home-meet streak and the Cougars head to Cedar City to compete against the SUU Thunderbirds Monday night.

The Cougars last faced the Thunderbirds a quad-meet in the Marriott Center. SUU took first in the meet with a score of 195.875 while BYU took second with a 195.425.