Feb 16 | 12:00 AM
1st - 196.900
Brigham Young University
2nd - 192.325
University of Missouri, Columbia
Anonymous | Posted: 16 Feb 2001 | Updated: 16 Feb 2001

PROVO -- In a record-setting meet, the BYU gymnastics team received the highest score in BYU women's gymnastics history, shattering the old record of 196.525 withthe new record of 196.900 against the University of Missouri on Friday night in the Marriott Center. Missouri ended with a 192.325.

For the third straight meet, the Cougars have scored above a 196, beginning with a 196.025 last Friday against Utah. They improved on that score with a 196.225 at Southern Utah on Monday, and tonight they beat that score, and every BYU scorein the record books, with the 196.900.

"There's not too many 196's out there," said BYU Coach Brad Cattermole. "They did a great job. Warm-ups were rocky, so I was wondering how we'd do, but they just got up and hit. They just did what they've been practicing to do all year."

On the way to the record team score, some other records were broken as well. The Cougars set new team records on the bars, 49.475, and floor, 49.525, beating the old records of 49.425 and 49.500. Kelly Parkinson also tied her own school record of 9.950 on the floor.

Parkinson won the all-around competition with a 39.525, just missing her school record of 39.550. Missouri had three gymnasts in the all-around. Lindsay Davis scored a 38.725, Andrea Nervig scored a 38.025, and Leah Gremaud scored a 37.725.

"Missouri is going to be a really good team," said Cattermole. "They are very young. We're lucky to have some good leaders, and we have great team chemistry. They've been a fun group to coach. They work hard and they're going to keep getting better."

On the floor, BYU's Brooke Craig and Kari Dye both scored a 9.925, while Parkinson tied the record with the 9.950. The Cougars also had three gymnasts above a 9.900 on bars. Lindsay Lines scored a 9.900, while both Kim Little and Parkinson scored a 9.925.

The Cougars are currently ranked at No. 15 in the nation, but should move into the top ten with their last two scores. Parkinson is ranked at No. 7 in the all-around, but should move up as well. After a busy week, BYU can enjoy a break. They don't compete again until March 3, when they travel to No. 5 Stanford.


BYU 196.900 Missouri 192.325

VAULT: 48.950 47.600

Jeni Lopez 9.700 Leah Gremaud 9.050

Kari Dye 9.750 Lauren Owca 9.575

Brogan Jacobsen 9.700 Katie Myers 9.000

Kim Little 9.800 Lindsay Davis 9.650

Angie Hickman 9.875 Alina Hamm 9.700

Kelly Parkinson 9.825 Andrea Nervig 9.625

BARS: 49.475 * (School Record) 48.525

Jeni Lopez 9.750 Lindsay Davis 9.675

Brooke Craig 9.875 Shannon Brett 9.475

Brogan Jacobsen 9.850 Leah Gremaud 9.825

Lindsay Lines 9.900 Alina Hamm 9.825

Kelly Parkinson 9.925 Ann Gietler 8.950

BEAM: 48.950 47.650

Brooke Craig 9.775 Heather Holden 9.750

Karen Froerer 9.825 Laura Forbes 9.400

Kim Little 9.550 Alina Hamm 9.650

Lindsay Lines 9.700 Andrea Nervig 8.975

Kari Dye 9.825 Leah Gremaud 9.125

Kelly Parkinson 9.825 Lindsay Davis 9.725

FLOOR: 49.525 48.550

Jeni Lopez 9.850 Leah Gremaud 9.725

Angie Hickman 9.850 Lauren Owca 9.700

C. Cosgrave 9.875 Laura Forbes 9.750

Brooke Craig 9.925 Ann Gietler 8.900

Kari Dye 9.925 Lindsay Davis 9.675

Kelly Parkinson 9.950 Andrea Nervig 9.700