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A total of 116 former BYU baseball players have been selected in the MLB Draft dating back to 1965, an average of more than two picks per year.

The highest draft pick in BYU history is Cory Snyder who was taken in the first round with the fourth pick in the 1984 draft. The Angels have drafted the most Cougars at 13 overall, followed by the Athletics at 12 and the Cardinals and Cubs at 10 apiece.

The list below only includes draft picks who signed contracts and those players who were drafted following the completion of their collegiate availability. All played at least one season at BYU.


2023Austin Deming3BAstros10314 
2022Andrew Pintar2BDiamondbacks5138 
 Cy NielsonLHPPirates8230 
 Nate DahleRHPRays13404 
 Cooper McKeehanLHPRoyals16475 
2019Jackson CluffSSNationals6183Father, Paul, was also drafted in 1989 (see below)
2018Daniel SchneemannSSIndians331,003 
 David ClawsonCAngels371,111 
2017Maverik BuffoRHPBlue Jays341,029 
 Colton Shaver1BAstros391,171 
2016Brennon LundCFAngels11336 
 Michael RuckerRHPCubs11344 
2015Kolton MahoneyRHPYankees16483 
2013Jacob HannemannCFCubs375MLB: Played in 11 games with the Mariners (2017)
 Adam Law3BDodgers12364 
 Jaycob BrugmanRFAthletics17521MLB: Played in 48 games with the Athletics (2017)
 Adam MillerRHPDiamondbacks20600 
2012Chris CapperRHPDiamondbacks26813 
 Austin HallRHPBrewers331,025 
2011Matt NeilRHPMarlins29883 
 Taylor ColeRHPBlue Jays29889MLB: Played in 57 games with the Blue Jays and Angels (2017-pres.)
2009Stephen Parker3BAthletics5153 
 Jeremy TooleRHPGiants10297 
 Stetson BanksCFDodgers22667 
 Kent WaltonOFAthletics23693 
2007Leon JohnsonOFAthletics10307 
 Jesse CraigRHPReds17529 
 Jonathan StambaughLHPCardinals25772 
 Collin FanningOFCardinals361,097 
2006Marcos VillezcasSSMariners23681 
2005David HorlacherRHPDodgers8256 
 Brandon Taylor3BCubs17520 
 Lance BeusLHPMariners28833 
 Ryan ChambersLHPCubs401,209 
2004Nik LemonRHPWhite Sox8239 
2003Kainoa Obrey3BCardinals13395 
2002Jeremy GuthrieRHPIndians122MLB: ALCS Champion (2014). Played in 306 games for the Indians, Orioles, Rockies, Royals and Nationals (2004-15, 17)
 Dave Jensen1BRoyals378 
 Matt CarsonOFYankees5156MLB: Played in 92 games for the Athletics, Twins and Indians (2009-10, 12-13)
 Cameron Coughlan2BRangers18532 
 Brock JacobsenOFCardinals441,329 
2000Nick DayOFPadres20589 
1999Spencer ObornOFWhite Sox14429 
 Gary JohnsonOFAngels19581MLB: Played in 5 games for the Angels (2003)
 Mike TejadaCRockies27820 
1998Troy McNaughtonRHPCardinals31918 
 Troy Farnsworth2BCardinals32948 
1997Jared JensenRHPAthletics9275 
1996Widd WorkmanRHPPadres380 
 Patrick JohnsonCAngels11325 
 Ryan Roberts3BCardinals421,237 
1995Brian KnollRHPGiants16439 
1994Kevin FoderaroRHPCardinals8222 
 Ryan HallCCardinals23642 
1993Brian BanksCBrewers243MLB: World Series Champion (2003). Played in 273 games for the Brewers and Marlins (1996-99, 2002-03)
 Ryan HancockRHPAngels245MLB: Played in 11 games for the Angels (1996)
 Dave Madsen3BCardinals14396 
1992Darren MilneOFTigers19532 
 Eric SmithRHPPhillies30837 
 Craig GiengerRHPAthletics32900 
1990Gary DanielsOFSailors4101Drafted by independent Erie Sailors
 Randy Wilstead1BExpos16436 
 Bart PetersonRHPIndians28748 
 Devin KunzLHPRangers491,249 
1989Paul Cluff2BHawks487Drafted by independent Boise Hawks
 Darin KraclRHPAthletics4113 
 John DeSilvaRHPTigers8213MLB: Played in 6 games for the Tigers, Dodgers and Orioles (1993, 95)
 Ed ZinterRHPPadres38988 
 Brad EagarCAthletics411,076 
1988Gary SchoonoverSSBraves30762 
 Mike Littlewood3BBrewers37965BYU Head Coach (2013-present)
1987Carl KeliipuleoleRHPIndians499 
 Dave Willes2BPhillies13338 
 Todd NewmanLHPAstros23600 
1986Gary CooperOFAstros7172MLB: Played in 9 games for the Astros (1991)
 Colby WardRHPAngels11285MLB: Played in 22 games for the Indians (1990)
 Mark BeaversLHPAthletics14353 
 Dave MorrowCExpos18460 
 Jeff BrownOFDodgers21542 
1985Wally RitchieLHPPhillies496MLB: Played in 147 games for the Phillies (1987-88, 91-92). BYU pitching coach (2011-12)
1984Cory SnyderSSIndians14Highest pick in program history. MLB: Played in 1,068 games for the Indians, White Sox, Blue Jays, Giants and Dodgers (1986-94)
 Eric Varoz2BPadres5117 
 Steve EagarCTigers6156 
 Mark DeLaTorreLHPYankees25637 
1983Rick AguileraRHPMets358MLB: 2x World Series Champion (1986, 91), 3x All-Star (1991-93). Played in 732 games for the Mets, Twins, Red Sox and Cubs (1985-00)
 Wally Joyner1BAngels367MLB: All-Star (1986). Played in 2,033 games for the Angels, Royals, Padres and Braves (1986-01)
 Scott NielsenRHPMariners6139MLB: Played in 38 games for the Yankees and White Sox (1986-89)
 Kurt LeeLHPGiants16408 
1982Kevin TowersRHPPadres11Secondary Phase
 Joe WhitmerRHPMariners7164 
 Leon BahamSSAthletics18470 
 Peter KendrickLHPAthletics19496 
1981Gail ArnoldRHPMets239Secondary Phase
 Paul DotyRHPYankees26667 
1980Stan YoungerOFTigers7173 
 Cliff PastornickySSRoyals8197MLB: Played in 10 games for the Royals (1983)
 Jeff BurtonOFCubs19478 
1979Tom MorrisLHPCubs9220 
 Marc ThomasOFAstros10242 
 Greg PetersonRHPAstros11268 
 Axle HardyLHPCubs17428 
 Bob BlythRHPCubs22556 
 Bert BradleyRHPAthletics27670MLB: Played in six games for the Athletics (1983)
1978Cam KillebrewOFRangers25610 
 Vance LawSSPirates39758MLB: All-Star (1988). Played in 1,212 games for the Pirates, White Sox, Expos, Cubs and Athletics (1980-89, 91). BYU head coach (2000-12)
1977Michael StoverRHPAngels241Secondary Phase
 Miles Nelson3BAngels26635 
1976Jack MorrisRHPTigers598MLB: Hall of Fame (2018). 4x World Series Champion (1984, 91-93). World Series MVP (1991). 5x All-Star (1981, 84, 85, 87, 91). Played in 549 games for the Tigers, Twins, Blue Jays and Indians (1977-94)
1972Michael StaffieriSSReds6127 
1971Stephen EastonLHPAthletics119Secondary Phase
 Dane IorgSSPhillies122Secondary Phase; MLB: 2x World Series Champion (1982, 85). Played in 743 games for the Phillies, Cardinals, Royals and Padres (1977-86)
 Edward HoraLHPCardinals8115January Draft
1970Doug Howard1BAngels8183MLB: Played in 97 games for the Angels, Cardinals and Indians (1972-76)
 Richard FairbanksOFTigers25603 
1969Ken CrosbyRHPYankees10227MLB: Played in 16 games for the Cubs (1975-76)
 Richard ZinnigerLHPPadres27646 
1967James EnglehardtLHPAngels12229 
 Bob FoderaroLHPAngels20388 
 Martin DownenRHPGiants27527 
1966John GreeneOFAthletics342 
 Frank LolichRHPMets24461 
1965Tom WeirCOrioles10159 
 Dennis Lamb3BOrioles26450