Sy Kimball, a long-time friend of Brigham Young University, was at the MWC Basketball Tournament in 2007 when an idea came to him. “We had just won back-to-back championships in both football and basketball, and yet our coaches were not anywhere near the average in terms of salary in our conference," he said. "So I thought we could establish an endowment to retain our coaches. Revenue from this endowment would allow us to more fairly compensate our outstanding coaches.”

Fortuitously, BYU President Cecil O. Samuelson was sitting in front of Sy at the basketball game. Being the successful salesman that he is, Kimball decided to run the idea past him. That is when they came up with a plan to ask 400 people to each donate $25,000. Donors would be able to pay it all up front, or donate it over a five year period.

President Samuelson added one stipulation.

“President Samuelson told me, ‘Okay, Sy, you’ve got to put in $100,000, and if you can’t raise $1 million to set up an endowment, we will use the money wherever we want to use it.’”

Sy agreed and the Coaches Circle was born.

Today, thanks to Kimball’s enthusiastic recruiting and the efforts of former Cougar great, Robbie Bosco, who runs the program, Coaches Circle has more more than half of the 400-member goal.


For questions or to join Coaches Circle, contact Robbie Bosco at 801.422.6523 or