Communications, Social Media and Video

Communications, Social Media and Video

McBride, Jon Associate Athletic Director - Communications & Media Strategy (Men's Basketball)   331 SAB
Tittle, Duff Senior Manager of Athletic Communications (Baseball) (801) 422-4910 331 SAB
Pyne, Brett Director of Communications (Football) (801) 422-4912 331 SAB
Cox, Kenny Athletic Communications Coordinator (Women's Basketball) (801) 422-5202 331 SAB
Call, Stuart Director of New Media (801) 422-1519 331 SAB
Despain, Brandon Video Services Manager (801) 422-1952 331 SAB
Fairbourn, Courtney Creative Content Specialist (801) 422-1519 331 SAB
Steele, Tyler Web Developer (801) 422-5804 331 SAB
Miner, Hannah Communications Director (Swim & Dive) (801) 422-8948 331 SAB
Davis, Ari Communications Director (Men's Volleyball, Football) (801) 422-8948 331 SAB
Hovey, Joseph Communications Director (Men's Track & Field/CC) (801) 422-8948 331 SAB
Seeman, Brenna Communications Director (Gymnastics) (801) 422-8948 331 SAB
Muh, Cameron Communications Director (Women's Track & Field/CC) (801) 422-8948 331 SAB
Webb, Chasia Communications Director (Women's Tennis) (801) 422-8948 331 SAB
Hable, Jacob Communications Director  (Men's Tennis) (801) 422-8948 331 SAB
Rustand, Austin Communications Director (Men's and Women's Golf) (801) 422-8948 331 SAB
Bosco, Lauren Communications Director (Soccer) (801) 422-8948 331 SAB
Natalie Orr Communications Director (Women's Volleyball) (801) 422-8948 331 SAB

Contact & Mailing Information:

BYU Athletics
331 Student Athlete Building
Provo, UT 84602



BYU is known for its rich athletic history and tradition due in part to the overwhelming amount of media attention it has received over the years. Writers and broadcasters representing the nation's most respected media outlets regularly interact with Cougar coaches and student-athletes. BYU teams have been featured on television, radio, Web sites and in magazines and newspapers nationwide.

The BYU Athletic Communications staff works closely with student-athletes and coaches in servicing media requests. The office diligently works to provide the latest releases, notes, quotes and statistics to the media. All information can be found online at

The following is general information for members of the media. Policies may vary from sport to sport. Please refer to the sport-specific Web page for the most detailed information.

Player and coaches interviews must be scheduled through the Athletic Communications office at (801) 422-8948. Interview requests must be made 24 hours in advance unless it is breaking news. Telephone interviews must be arranged through the Athletic Communications office.

Media Services
A weekly release will be issued via e-mail and will be available at Notes, season statistics, rosters, programs and media guides will be provided to working media prior to each home competition.

Official statistics will be made available after each game and upon completion of the game/match. Coaches and student-athletes will be available after the competition for interviews and quotes. Football, men's basketball, women's basketball and women's volleyball will have an official post-game press conference available to all working media.

Media Work Room
Athletic Communications seeks to accommodate media members in many different aspects, including the working environment. Media work rooms are available in various BYU facilities. A pressroom just off the playing floor at the Marriott Center, the press box at Miller Park and the Athletic Communications office, located at 331 Student Athlete Building, all serve as a pressroom for working media.

Wireless Internet and analog phone lines are available for filing stories. Local or collect/credit card long distance calls can be made from each of the lines.

BYU on the Internet
The weekly release, most up-to-date news, statistics and information is available 24 hours a day on BYU's official athletics website: To receive the weekly release and post-event recaps via email please contact the Athletic Communications office.

Credential Requests
Requests for press, broadcast and photo credentials for home events should be made to each sport's SID. Please contact Kenny Cox at for football credential requests. Please refer to the specific sport pages to be informed of its requirements and procedures. 

Credentials will be issued only to accredited photographers and TV reporters/camera operators on assignment from their media outlet. Photographers can obtain rosters and information regarding where they can shoot during the event from the athletic communications staff on site.