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BYU Women's Volleyball Mission Statement

The volleyball program at Brigham Young University supports a mission that is two-fold:

First, we embrace opportunities to compete with the best teams in the country, allowing us to achieve our ultimate goal of competing for an NCAA National Championship.

Second, we are a cohesive family unit bonded by our commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and united together to ensure the future success of the program and our teammates.

The following core covenants are what we believe will allow us to accomplish our goals. They describe characteristics of the program’s members and define us as a group.

1. Live in harmony with the teachings and principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. Service: Do and say the things that will make those around me better.

3. Charity: Put the needs of my teammates above my own.

4. Compete: “Raise the Bar.”

5. Work Ethic: No one will beat us because we stopped working.

6. Be Prepared and Be on Time

7. Integrity: Do the Right Thing, not the Popular Thing

8. Accountability: Responsible for our actions

9. Be Open and Honest

10. Believe and trust guidance

11. Utilize all available resources to be successful, both athletically and academically