Built4Life is a program designed to support student-athletes in developing critical life skills, facilitating appropriate professional engagement, making classroom success directly relevant to future opportunities and preparing them for life beyond college athletics, all while they have opportunities to monetize their own name, image and likeness (NIL).​ Built4Life is a comprehensive development program focused through four main pillars: Learn, Brand, Work and Love. The foundation of the program is built on the principle of individualized student-athlete focus, helping them to leverage out-of-classroom education and experiences that are right for them, which will contribute to the collective growth of our program overall.

This unique program is made possible thanks in large part to BYU being housed in what the Milken Institute has dubbed as the best-performing city economy in the nation and the U.S. News and World Report has named the best state economy in the nation. The vast amount of businesses and business leaders available in the Provo-Orem area and beyond, offers quality access and a myriad of opportunities for BYU student-athletes.



Every student-athlete will be invited to learn through various teaching mediums including university-accredited courses, diverse lecture series, and hands-on instruction where appropriate. Topics will be selected by student-athletes and taught by leaders in the field. Business and subject-matter experts will educate student-athletes on developing critical life skills and growing professionally in a dynamic global economy.


Empower student-athletes with custom assessments of their current brand values (via a third party) and provide student-athletes with resources to maximize their name, image and likeness potential. While building a brand can be enhanced through various social media platforms, a personal brand is about much more than a set of online profiles. Embracing the other Peaks in the Built4Life program will provide the student-athlete with substance that can be leveraged in a variety of spaces.


Develop a first-class internship program that will assist student-athletes with obtaining bona fide professional opportunities that are targeted to the interests and skills of the individual. “Work” means work, and student-athletes may be paid only for work actually performed and at a rate commensurate with the job. Prospective employers will not hire interns for the intern’s marketability or utility under the internship program. All NCAA rules and regulations will be followed. The Built4Life program representatives will provide student-athletes and partnering organizations with regular NCAA compliance training and education.


Built4Life encourages student-athletes to elevate their local and hometown communities through service initiatives. Student-athletes will be taught how to create philanthropic brands by actively supporting causes of their choice. Tools and resources will be provided for individuals who wish to create and head 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.


"It's fitting that a world-class university in Utah would be the first in the nation to innovate a program that allows its student-athletes to fully benefit from the NCAA's name, image and likeness rules, given our state's preeminent economic position and the cutting-edge leadership from our businesses in all industries that will allow these students to receive the full benefits intended by the new rules. It is an honor for the Salt Lake Chamber to join BYU as a founding partner of the Built4Life initiative, and we look forward to working with BYU Athletics to ensure the program's success there and to assist its adoption by other universities that will embrace its principles, practices and innovation to serve student-athletes in laying a foundation for personal and professional success that will sustain them well beyond competitive athletics."

Derek Miller

President and CEO, Salt Lake Chamber and Downtown Alliance


“The purpose of Built4Life is to assist our student-athletes in developing their personal and professional brands now and help them capitalize on their name, image and likeness while complying fully with the NCAA rules and regulations. The Built4Life program is designed to easily adapt to any anticipated or unforeseen changes to NIL policy. As those changes occur, we will continue to place our student-athletes in the best position possible to benefit from the endless opportunities associated with attending a university surrounded by the No. 1 economy in the nation. At the heart of Built4Life is our program's commitment to foster a culture of love and learning while assisting student-athletes in laying the foundation required for personal and economic prosperity beyond athletics.”

Kalani Sitake

Head Coach BYU Football


"College sports is in the midst of its most significant changes in many decades. The Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce celebrates BYU’s Built4Life initiative for its innovation and thought leadership in addressing proposed rules that would provide college athletes with endorsement opportunities. Built4Life is a common-sense approach to support the student-athlete while remaining competitive in the college athletics landscape and true to the values and principles of BYU’s mission."

Curtis Blair

President and CEO, Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce


“What an unbelievable job Tom, Coach Sitake, Gary and Billy have done laying the framework for this revolutionary Built4Life program at BYU. While impending NIL legislation was certainly an impetus for this program, Built4Life is way more than just an answer to NIL. It is an all-inclusive program that will more fully integrate our student athletes' university studies with their post-graduation careers. Gone are the days when a BYU student-athlete will wonder what they are going to do the day after graduation. Built4Life will be an absolute game changer and will be the model for universities around the country to emulate.”

Mark Pope

BYU Men's Basketball Head Coach


"Built4Life is a transformative program for student athletes, and an exemplary model for meaningful character and skill building. The BYU Athletics team is leading the way in helping it’s family of athletes gain exposure to opportunities and careers that will set them apart off the field and prepare them for continued success in life after college. Silicon Slopes is honored to assist in establishing this program and providing access for student athletes."

John Bowers

Head of Business and Partnerships, Silicon Slopes

Advisory Board


Fraser Bullock

American Entrepreneur, Sorenson Capital

IMG_8808 - Brandon Hatch

Brandon Hatch

Entrepreneur & Owner of Big Rock Construction


Brian Hawkins

Influencer, Entrepreneur, & Consultant


Bronson Kaufusi

Former NFL player and Director of Client Relations at Harris Investment Group


Wayne Latu

Former BYU football player and Associate and Quinn Emanuel Law Firm


Janae Moss

Chairwoman of the Board, Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce and Co-Owner, RBM Building Services

Veron_ Gary

Gary Veron

Associate Athletic Director - Student-Athlete Experience at BYU Athletics


Rob Walker

President, Kirton McConkie Law Firm