Strength & Conditioning

Success begins with training, and BYU has a state-of-the-art strength and conditioning center with nearly 10,000 feet of working space that ranks among the nation's best. The center features 106 stations to accommodate both female and male athletes. BYU's well-structured strength and conditioning program is playing an increasingly vital role in the success of its collegiate athletic programs.

The primary goal of the BYU program is to keep athletes healthy and prepared for competition by reducing their susceptibility to injury. BYU's strength and conditioning staff has experienced excellent results through its computer-analyzed combination of a strict weight and conditioning program, a carefully planned diet and sufficient rest.

Patterned to include the best features of weight rooms, the BYU facility is both functional and attractive, providing both variety and ample space.

Athletes no longer have to wait for a necessary piece of equipment. They can get more done in much less time than before and do not have to plan their weight training in the early morning or late evening hours to accomplish their goals.

Athletes also have been quick to point out the recruiting benefits of the facilities. Even coaches of sports where athletes traditionally don't look first at weight training agree that the strength and conditioning facilities are a benefit. BYU's strength and conditioning center shows that BYU is serious about conditioning.