What is an Athletic Trainer?

"A certified athletic trainer (ATC) is a highly educated and skilled professional specializing in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. In cooperation with physicians and other allied health personnel, the ATC functions as an integral member of the athletic healthcare team in secondary schools, colleges and universities, sports medicine clinics, professional sports programs, industrial settings and other healthcare environments." (NATA, 2000)

Services Rendered - What We Do

BYU's athletic training staff is responsible for the care of student athletes from the time they arrive on campus. They aid in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. When student athletes do get injured, they are treated by one of the nation's most qualified athletic training staffs. The staff includes certified athletic trainers, sports physical therapists, team physicians, team orthopedic surgeons and a wide variety of other medical specialists.

Where We Work

The main BYU athletic training room is located in room 1130 of the George Albert Smith Fieldhouse. The training room is open for operation from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the normal business week. In addition to the main training room there are four training areas at various locations across campus: Student Athlete Building (football), Marriott Center (men's and women's basketball), Clarence F. Robinson Track (track and field and cross country) and Miller Park (baseball and softball).

Brigham Young University
Athletic Training / Sports Medicine Department
1130 Smith Fieldhouse
Provo, Utah, USA 84602
Phone: (801) 422-2946
Fax: (801) 422-0038


Smith Fieldhouse Training Room

Student Athlete Building Training Room