The modern Olympics Games, featuring both summer and winter competition, are among the best sporting events in the world. The Olympics are held every four years, with the Summer and Winter Games alternating two years apart. With more than 200 nations participating, the Olympics feature thousands of athletes from around the world in a variety of competitions. 

Since 1912, when Alma Richards won a gold medal and set a new world high-jump record in the Stockholm, BYU Athletics has been well represented in the Olympics. Below is a list of former Cougars who have participated in the Olympic Games.

Athlete NameEvent(s) / PositionFinishLocation, YearCountry BYU Years
Cory SnyderThird baseman2ndLos Angeles Summer, 1984USA1982-84
Men's Basketball
Athlete NameEvent(s) / PositionFinishLocation, YearCountry BYU Years
Kresimir CosicCenterSilverMexico City Summer, 1968Yugoslavia1969-73
Ken JamesTeam9thMunich Summer, 1972Australia1964-67
Kresimir CosicCenterBronze Munich Summer, 1972Yugoslavia1969-73
Kresimir CosicCenterSilver Montreal Summer, 1976Yugoslavia1969-73
Phil TollestrupForward4thMontreal Summer, 1976Canada1969-72
Kresimir CosicCenterGold Moscow Summer, 1980Yugoslavia1969-73
Kresimir CosicCoachSilver Seoul Summer, 1988Yugoslavia1969-73
Men's Beach Volleyball
Athlete NameEvent(s) / PositionFinishLocation, YearCountry BYU Years
Casey PattersonHitter19thRio de Janeiro Summer, 2017USA1999, 2002-05
Women's Bobsled
Athlete NameEvent(s) / PositionFinishLocation, YearCountry BYU Years
Shauna Rohbock2-woman bobsledSilver Torino Winter, 2006USA1995-99
Men's Diving
Athlete NameEvent(s) / PositionFinishLocation, YearCountry BYU Years
Keith RussellPlatform, springboard4th, 6thMexico City Summer, 1968USA1971-72
Ricardo VelardePlatform19thMontreal Summer, 1976Mexico1977-81
Justin Wilcock3-meter springboard32ndAthens Summer, 2004USA1997-98, 2000-02
Women's Diving
Athlete NameEvent(s) / PositionFinishLocation, YearCountry BYU Years
Rachelle KunkelSpringboard9thAthens Summer, 2004USA1996-2000
Men's Gymnastics
Athlete NameEvent(s) / PositionFinishLocation, YearCountry BYU Years
Makoto Sakamoto^All-Around, rings20th, 18thTokyo Summer, 1964USA1987-2000
Makoto Sakamoto^Parallel bars17thMunich Summer, 1972USA1987-2000
George Greenfield^All-Around83rdMunich Summer, 1972USA1970s
Wayne YoungTeam, Individual all-around7th, 12thMontreal Summer, 1976USA1970-75
Makoto Sakamoto^CoachGold Los Angeles Summer, 1984USA1987-2000
Guard YoungFloor, rings, vault, teamSilver Athens Summer, 2004USA1996-2000
Women's Gymnastics
Athlete NameEvent(s) / PositionFinishLocation, YearCountry BYU Years
Debbie Hill ^AlternateN/AMunich Summer, 1972USA1979-87 (coached)
Men's Luge
Athlete NameEvent(s) / PositionFinishLocation, YearCountry BYU Years
Werner HoegerSingles40thSalt Lake City Winter, 2002Venezuela1970-74
Werner HoegerSingles32ndTorino Winter, 2006Venezuela1970-74
Christopher HoegerSingles31stSalt Lake City Winter, 2002Venezuela2003, 06-10
Women's Luge
Athlete NameEvent(s) / PositionFinishLocation, YearCountry BYU Years
Michelle Despain *Singles24thTorino Winter, 2006Argentina2006
Kate Hansen *Singles10thSochi Winter, 2014USA2012-17
Women's Rowing
Athlete NameEvent(s) / PositionFinishLocation, YearCountry BYU Years
Megan Dirkmaat *Women's eightSilver Athens, 2004USA1997
Women's Rugby
Jordan Matyas | Sevens | Tokyo, 2020/2021 | USA | 2013-16
Women's Skiing
Athlete NameEvent(s) / PositionFinishLocation, YearCountry BYU Years
Jean Saubert *Giant slalom, slalom, downhillSilver, Bronze, 26thInnsbruck Winter, 1964USA
Women's Speed Skating
Athlete NameEvent(s) / PositionFinishLocation, YearCountry BYU Years
Barbara Day Lockhart * #1,500m18thSquaw Valley Winter, 1960USA1991-2016
Barbara Day Lockhart * #1,000m, 3,000m10th, 23rd Innsbruck Winter, 1964USA1991-2016
Men's Swimming
Athlete NameEvent(s) / PositionFinishLocation, YearCountry BYU Years
Mike Burton^400m free, 1,500m freeGold, GoldMexico City Summer, 1968USA1974-75
Mike Burton^1,500m free, 4x200 free relayGold, GoldMunich Summer, 1972USA1974-75
Piero Ferracuti100m breast, 200m breastHeats, HeatsMunich Summer, 1972El Salvador1975-79
Oon Jin Gee4x100m medley, 4x100m free, 100m free16th, 17th, 42ndLos Angeles Summer, 1984Singapore1984-87
Ron Menezes4x100 freestyle relay, 100m freestyle10th, 28thLos Angeles Summer, 1984Brazil1981-85
David Lim4x100m medley, 4x100m freerelay, 100m back16th, 17th, 29thLos Angeles Summer, 1984Singapore1984-87
David Lim100m back, 4x100m free, 4x100m medley, 200m back, 200m medley, 200m freestyle14th, 15th, 17th, 31st, 34th, 43rdSeoul Summer, 1988Singapore1984-87
Ng Yue Meng4x100 medley relay, 100m breaststroke, 200m breaststroke17th, 41st, 47thSeoul Summer, 1988Singapore1988-90, 1992-94
Oon Jin Gee100m free, 100m medley, 100m free, 50m free, 200m free15th, 17th, 43rd, 45th, 46thSeoul Summer, 1988Singapore1984-87
Kai Kristian Johansson200m butterfly36thBarcelona Summer, 1992Finland1988-93
Tomislav Karlo4x100 medley relay, 100m backstroke16th, 34thAtlanta Summer, 1996Croatia1989-93
Arunas Savickas200m backstroke35thAtlanta Summer, 1996Lithuania1997-2001
Lee Yu (Gary) Tan100m backstroke, 200m backstroke45th, 37thSydney Summer, 2000Singapore1999-2004
Arunas Savickas200m backstroke, 200m freestyle, 4x100m freestyle22nd, 22nd, 16thSydney Summer, 2000Lithuania1997-2001
Jung Jun (Mark) Chay200m freestyle, 100m freestyle23rd, 47thSydney Summer, 2000Singapore2003-07
Lee Yu (Gary) Tan200m individual medley43rdAthens Summer, 2004Singapore1999-2004
Diogo de Oliveira Yabe200m medley26thAthens Summer, 2004Brazil2001-05
Jung Jun (Mark) Chay200m freestyle, 100m freestyle51st, 56thAthens Summer, 2004Singapore2003-07
Andrew Rutherfurd100m freestyle41stLondon Summer, 2012Bolivia2007-08, 2010-14
Rafael Alfaro400m medley35thLondon Summer, 2012El Salvador2010-15
Women's Swimming
Athlete NameEvent(s) / PositionFinishLocation, YearCountry BYU Years
Lelei Fonoimoana-Moore4x100 medley relay, 100m butterflySilver, 7thMontreal Summer, 1976USA1976-79
Hiroko Nagasaki200m breast, 100m breast, 4x100m medley4th, 6th, 7thLos Angeles Summer, 1984Japan1991-92
Hiroko Nagasaki200m breaststroke, 100m breaststroke23rd, 34thSeoul Summer, 1988Japan1991-92
Hana Majaj200m butterfly36thSydney Summer, 2000Jordan2000-03
Men's Tennis
Athlete NameEvent(s) / PositionFinishLocation, YearCountry BYU Years
Jim Osborne ^Mixed doublesSilver Mexico City Summer, 1968USA1981, 1988-2004
Men's Track & Field
Athlete NameEvent(s) / PositionFinishLocation, YearCountry BYU Years
Alma RichardsHigh Jump (set world record)Gold Stockholm Summer, 1912USA1912-13
Dale Schofield400m Hurdles7thBerlin Summer, 1936USA1930s
Clarence Robison5,000mHeatsLondon Summer, 1948USA1940-43
Jaakko Tuominen400m HurdlesHeatsTokyo Summer, 1964Finland1968?
Jay Silvester * #Discus4thTokyo Summer, 1964USA1969-99
Jaakko Tuominen400m HurdlesHeatsMexico City Summer, 1968Finland1968?
Jay Silvester * #Discus5thMexico City Summer, 1968USA1969-99
Kenneth LundmarkHigh Jump22ndMexico City Summer, 1968Sweden1970
Pekka Vasala1,500mHeatsMexico City Summer, 1968Finland1970
Pertti PousiLong Jump, Triple Jump18th, 18thMexico City Summer, 1968Finland1967-70
Altti AlarotuPole Vault14thMexico City Summer, 1968Finland1967-70
Pekka Vasala1,500mGold Munich Summer, 1972Finland1970
Jay Silvester * #DiscusSilver Munich Summer, 1972USA1969-99
Lasse Viren5,000m, 10,000m Gold, GoldMunich Summer, 1972Finland1969-70
Ralph Mann400m HurdlesSilver Munich Summer, 1972USA1969-71
Usaia Sotutu5k, 10k, 3k steeplechaseHeats, Heats, HeatsMunich Summer, 1972Fiji1972, 1975-77?
Zdravko PecarDiscus18thMunich Summer, 1972Yugoslavia1974?
Anders ArrheniusShot put Montreal Summer, 1976Sweden1975
Henry MarshSteeplechase10thMontreal Summer, 1976USA1988-93
Jay Silvester * #Discus8thMontreal Summer, 1976USA1969-99
Richard GeorgeJavelin18thMontreal Summer, 1976USA1971-73, 75-77
Lasse Viren5k, 10k, marathonGold, Gold, 5thMontreal Summer, 1976Finland1969-70
Raimo PihlDecathlon4thMontreal Summer, 1976Sweden1973-76
Kenth GardenkransDiscus12thMoscow Summer, 1980Sweden1978?
Lasse Viren10,000m, marathon5th, DNFMoscow Summer, 1980Finland1969-70
Paul Cummings10,000mHeatsLos Angeles Summer, 1984USA1971-75
Soren TallhemShot Put7thLos Angeles Summer, 1984Sweden1984-85
Stefan FernholmDiscus8thLos Angeles Summer, 1984Sweden
Doug Padilla5,000m7thLos Angeles Summer, 1984USA1978-80
Henry MarshSteeplechase4thLos Angeles Summer, 1984USA1988-93
Ed EyestoneMarathon29thSeoul Summer, 1988USA1982-85
Doug Padilla5,000mHeatsSeoul Summer, 1988USA1978-80
Henry MarshSteeplechase6thSeoul Summer, 1988USA1988-93
Soren TallhemShot Put12thBarcelona Summer, 1992Sweden1984-85
Ed EyestoneMarathon13thBarcelona Summer, 1992USA1982-85
Frank Fredericks100m, 200mSilver, SilverBarcelona Summer, 1992Namibia1988-91
Oluyemi Kayode4x100, 200mSilver, 7thBarcelona Summer, 1992Nigeria1999-2004
Jason Pyrah1500mHeatsAtlanta Summer, 1996USA1987, 1991-94
Frank Fredericks100m, 200mSilver, SilverAtlanta Summer, 1996Namibia1988-91
Jason Pyrah1500m10thSydney Summer, 2000USA1987, 1991-94
Kenneth Andam4x100, 100mHeatsSydney Summer, 2000Ghana1999-2004
Leonard Myles-Mills100m, 4x100Heats, HeatsSydney Summer, 2000Ghana1996-99
Frank Fredericks100m, 200mHeats, 4thAthens Summer, 2004Namibia1988-91
Leonard Myles-Mills100m, 4x100Heats, HeatsAthens Summer, 2004Ghana1996-99
Josh McAdamsSteeplechase9thBeijing Summer, 2008USA2003-05
Niklas ArrheniusDiscus32nd Beijing Summer, 2008Sweden2003-08
Jared WardMarathon6thRio de Janeiro Summer, 2016USA2010-2014
Tatenda Tsumba200mHeatsRio de Janeiro Summer, 2016Zimbabwe2015-17
Women's Track & Field
Athlete NameEvent(s) / PositionFinishLocation, YearCountry BYU Years
Maria Betioli ZanandreaHigh Jump25thMontreal Summer, 1976Brazil1979-82
Hui Chen LeeJavelin21stLos Angeles Summer, 1984Taiwan1987-91
Carey MayMarathon28thLos Angeles Summer, 1984Ireland1982-85
Janeth Caizalitin Alder3000m11thBarcelona Summer, 1992Equador1993-96
Anu KaljurandHeptathlon17thBarcelona Summer, 1992Estonia1990-93
Christy Opara Thompson4x100 relay, 100mSilver, 11thBarcelona Summer, 1992Nigeria1989
Julie Jenkins800mHeatsBarcelona Summer, 1992USA1984-87
Satu Karoliina "Kartsi" LundahlShot Put 19thAtlanta Summer, 1996Finland1991?
Anna MosdellDiscusAtlanta Summer, 1996Canada1989-93
Christy Opara Thompson4x100 relay5thAtlanta Summer, 1996Nigeria1989
Amy Christiansen PalmerHammer8thSydney Summer, 2000USA1994-98
Maggie Chan Roper5,000m, 10,000mHeatsSydney Summer, 2000Hong Kong1996-99
Marsha Mark-BairdHeptathlon22ndSydney Summer, 2000Trinidad & Tobago1996-98
Marsha Mark-BairdHeptathlon25thAthens Summer, 2004Trinidad & Tobago1996-98
Tiffany Lott-HoganHeptathlon20thAthens Summer, 2004USA1994-98
Kirsten Bolm100m hurdlesHeatsAthens Summer, 2004Germany1998-2000
Jillian Camarena-Williams *Shot Put12thBeijing Summer, 2008USA
Jillian Camarena-Williams *Shot Put15thLondon Summer, 2012USA
Men's Volleyball
Athlete NameEvent(s) / PositionFinishLocation, YearCountry BYU Years
John AlstromHitter7thMexico City Summer, 1968USA1961-63
Jon StanleyHitter7thMexico City Summer, 1968USA1963-65
Troy Tanner ^Outside HitterGold Seoul Summer, 1988USA1997-02
Carl McGown ^Coach1984, 88, 92, 96, 00, 04, 08USA1990-02
Ryan MillarOutside Hitter11thSydney Summer, 2000USA1996-99
Hidde Van BeestMiddle blocker8thSydney Summer, 2000Australia1998
Hidde Van BeestMiddle blocker11thAthens Summer, 2004Australia1998
Ryan MillarOutside Hitter4thAthens Summer, 2004USA1996-99
Joel SilvaLibero9thBeijing Summer, 2008Venezuela2006-10
Rich LambourneOutside HitterGold Beijing Summer, 2008USA1994, 1997-99
Ryan MillarOutside HitterGold Beijing Summer, 2008USA1996-99
Hugh McCutcheonHead CoachGold Beijing Summer, 2008USA1991-93
Rich LambourneOutside Hitter5thLondon Summer, 2012USA1994, 1997-99
Taylor SanderOutside HitterBronze Rio de Janeiro Summer, 2016USA2011-14
Taylor SanderOutside Hitter Tokyo Summer, 2021 (2020)USA2011-14
Women's Volleyball
Athlete NameEvent(s) / PositionFinishLocation, YearCountry BYU Years
Charlene JohnsonSetter4thSydney Summer, 2000USA1991-94
Hugh McCutcheonHead CoachSilver London Summer, 2012USA1991-93
Women's Weightlifting
Athlete NameEvent(s) / PositionFinishLocation, YearCountry BYU Years
Satu Karoliina "Kartsi" Lundahl DNFSydney Summer, 2000Finland1991
Athlete NameEvent(s) / PositionFinishLocation, YearCountry BYU Years
Mark Schultz ^Middleweight FreestyleGold Los Angeles Summer, 1984USA1994-99
Mark FullerFlyweight Greco-Roman9thLos Angeles Summer, 1984USA1999
Mark FullerFlyweight Greco-Roman9thSeoul Summer, 1988USA1999
Mark Schultz ^Middleweight Freestyle6thSeoul Summer, 1988USA1994-99
Mark FullerFlyweight Greco-Roman12thBarcelona Summer, 1992USA1999

* Attended BYU, but was not an intercollegiate athlete at BYU

^ Coached at BYU, but was not an intercollegiate athlete at BYU

# Professor at BYU, but was not an intercollegiate athlete at BYU