Our mission: Promoting a positive image, aligned with the mission and aims of BYU, out to the community, with a unique, focused effort on youth.

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Cosmo the Cougar and Gabb Wireless have teamed up to bring you the Cougar Built program! Cougar Built is a 45-minute presentation given in local elementary schools by three to four current student-athletes from BYU, as well as Cosmo and the BYU Dunk Team.

This program is directly aligned with BYU's Built4Life program, which is BYU Athletics signature student-athlete development program that focuses on growth and development in four core areas:


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After the discussion, the athletes turn the balance of the time to Cosmo and the Dunk Team to entertain the students!

Students will also have the opportunity to pledge to be COUGAR BUILT and receive a personal poster! Here is the image of the class poster:




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Due to time constraints, we are only able to travel to schools that are 25 minutes or less from BYU campus. Our student-athletes have class schedules and practices times that must be honored. Thank you for understanding!

Please choose your top 2 or 3 dates. We are available to present from 10:30-11:15am on Tuesdays/Thursdays.