BYU's Robison Earn's All-American Honors at Nationals


WATERLOO -- BYU men's cross country ran to 19th place in the Nation at the 2003 NCAA Cross Country National Championships in Waterloo, Iowa.

The men's team, making only their 12th NCAA appearance, competed against 31 teams in 21 degree weather with 15 mph wind chills.

"The men did well today despite the conditions," men's head coach Ed Eyestone said. "We didn't have a great team race though."

Together the men combined for 447 points with a 29th, 82nd, 92nd, 101st and 143rd place.

Coming in 29th place was junior Nathan Robison in 30:15.8.

"Nathan had a great race," Eyestone said. "He earned All-American status and what more can you ask for."

Nathan said his biggest goal for the season was to be an All-American, one he achieved today with his strong finish.

"I was in 60th place in the middle of the race and I noticed that slowly I just started to get closer and closer to others," Robison said. "With 1K left I just tried to go faster and slowly move up in the ranks."

Additionally junior Bryan Lindsay and freshman Rich Nelson gave a solid effort Eyestone said.

"We were disappointed with the overall performance of the team but everyone didn't have their best race," Eyestone said. "You can tell that really everyone tried their best."

One prime example of this sacrifice for the team is BYU's superstar Kip Kangogo.

"Ever since Pre-Nationals Kip Kangogo has been having some pressure in the sternum area and inflammation in his ribs," Eyestone said. "It makes it kind of hard to keep up when you are trying to run with the other guys."

Despite these conditions Kangogo did place 82nd in 30:55.

"Kip really just sucked it up," Eyestone said. "He showed that he really is a team player."

Overall, the Cougars are grateful for their performance and look forward to next season when their entire top squad returns to action again.

"We didn't do so well as a team today," Robison said. "It is disappointing but there is always next year."


1. Stanford24

2. Wisconsin174

3. Northern Arizona190

4. Iona College 191

5. Arkansas215

19. BYU 447

BYU Individual

29. Nathan Robison30:15.8

82. Kip Kangogo30:55.0

92. Bryan Lindsay31:00.9

101. Chad Durham31:05.1

143. Josh McAdams31:30.4

187. Rich Nelson32:19.9

193. Nick McCombs32:29.7