Men and Women Look Strong in Season Opener


The Cougars looked impressive in their opening start Friday night, at the BYU Alumni Invitational.

Despite the cool evening weather, and a small cast of competitors the men and women lit up the course.

Finishing ahead of the pack in the men's 4 mile, was junior Josh Rohatinsky who finished with a time of 19:50.2. Senior's Bryan Lindsay and Matt Adams followed right behind Rohatinsky. Lindsay finished second with a time of 20:25.2 and Adams finished third with a time of 20:42.2.

"I felt strong," Rohatinsky said. "I had a good off-season; I put in a lot of miles and I felt smooth out there."

In the women's 5K, sophomore Anne Heiner took home first place honors with a time of 18:58.3. Following her by ten seconds was sophomore Jenna Taylor who finished with a time of 19:08.3.

"I felt comfortable running out there," Heiner said. "I feel stronger then I ever have before."

UVSC and a small group of BYU Alumni competed against the 2004 Cougars.

"The way the pack distributed itself is fairly indicative of where we are at right now," said men's coach Ed Eyestone. "Josh is definitely our top guy and that's good. It's good to have somebody like him up front."

Some of the men and women's top runners did not compete. This gave the coaches a chance to look at their squads and see who would emerge.

"Anne ran great," said women's coach Patrick Shane. "That's probably the best cross country race Anne has run. She had a good summer of training and she looked strong."

Shane said the team ran just how he wanted them too and that he was very pleased with how they finished.

"They ran negative splits and that's what we wanted," said Shane.

Next weekend the men and women face a good group of runners from within the state as well as out, as they host the BYU Autumn Classic September 11. The race will be held at Cascade Golf Course in Orem and will start at 10:00 a.m. with the men's 4 mile, following with the women's 5K at 11:00 p.m.

Team Results

1. Brigham Young University1, 2, 3, 4, 5 15

2. BYU Alumni8, 9, 10, 11, 12 50

1. Brigham Young University 15

PlaceBib Name Time Score Behind Winner


1. 890 Josh Rohatinsky 19:50.2 1. NA

2. 887 Bryan Lindsay 20:25.2 2. 00:35.0

3. 880 Matt Adams 20:42.2 3. 00:52.0

4. 885 Chandler Goodwin 20:42.6 4. 00:52.4

5. 884 Chad Durham 20:45.0 5. 00:54.8

7. 889 Nick McCombs 20:46.9(6.) 00:56.7

8. 881 Brett Andrus 20:48.8(7.) 00:58.6

10. 886 Lars Kjerengtroen 20:53.3 NS 01:03.1

11. 882 Warren Davis 20:54.5 NS 01:04.3

13. 888 Josh McAdams 21:10.5 NS 01:20.3

14. 883 Jason Dorais 21:16.2 NS 01:26.0

18. 891 Dustin Trail 21:48.4 NS 01:58.2

19. 892 David Woodbury 21:49.3 NS 01:59.1


1.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:42:25.2)15

Women's 5K

Overall Bib Name ClassTeam Time


1.877 Ann Heiner Sr Brigham Young University 18:58.3

2.879 Jenna Taylor Fr Brigham Young University 19:08.3

3.876 Lisa Frischnecht So Brigham Young University 19:14.3

4.878 Carolyn Quebe So Brigham Young University 19:17.9

5.875 Julie Cameron So Brigham Young University 19:22.4

6.874 Kristy Barrus Jr Brigham Young University 19:25.6

7.856 Ann Marie Thomas Fr Unattached 19:33.9

8.852 Kassie Fronczyk Jr Unattached 20:13.1

9.897 Amber Duffin Unattached 20:50.2

10.855 Mary Ann Schauerhamer Unattached 20:57.3

11.854 Michelle Lindsay Fr Unattached 21:25.7

12.853 Jessica Lemmon Fr Unattached 21:38.6

13.950 Megan Graves Unattached 25:00.8

14.893 Ashley Holt Utah Valley State College28:56.8

15.949 Amy Ludwig Unattached 29:23.1