Cougars Put Up Fight Against Cardinal


PROVO -- The BYU Cougar divers had a good showing against the nationally ranked Stanford Cardinal on Friday. BYU's Tawni Jones was the sole first-place finisher in the duel meet as she won from the 1-meter board.

"This meet was a great warm up for us as we approach the conference championships," BYU dive coach Keith Russell said. "Stanford was great competition so I was pleased for us to do as well as we did against a very quality team."

Jones' score of 294.75 helped propel her to the top spot from the 1-meter board for the Cougars. Ava Jackman was the top finisher from the 3-meter board for the BYU women with a score of 301.28 as she tied for second place.

On the men's side, Cougar Bryce Engstrom was the top finisher as he came in fourth place from both the 1- and 3-meter boards. Engstrom's scored 287.48 from the 1-meter board and from the 3-meter board he was awarded 279.01 for his efforts.

The Cougars will next be in action on Feb. 27 as they take part in the Mountain West Conference Championships in Oklahoma City, Okla.

Men's 1-Meter Results

1.Nathan Kim (Stanford) 305.25

2.Brent Eichenseer (Stanford)290.06

3.Casey Weston (Stanford) 289.95

4.Bryce Engstrom (BYU) 279.01

5.Drew Moulton (BYU)233.26

Men's 3-Meter Results

1.Brent Eichenseer (Stanford)355.20

2.Nathan Kim (Stanford) 344.40

3.Casey Weston (Stanford) 291.83

4.Bryce Engstrom (BYU) 287.48

5.Drew Moulton (BYU)274.75

Women's 1-Meter Results

1.Tawni Jones (BYU)294.75

2.Meg Hostage (Stanford) 293.33

3.Ava Jackman (BYU)268.05

4.Shana Karp (Stanford) 260.56

5.Sarah Ohr (Stanford)258.00

6.Carmen Stellar (Stanford)253.05

7.Hallie Ivester (Stanford)247.80

8.Katie Lampe (Stanford) 246.76

9.Kim Chang (BYU) 224.33

10.Tricia Bowen (BYU)218.55

11.Holly Malmrose (BYU) 200.43

Women's 3-Meter Results

1. Hallie Ivester (Stanford) 304.73

2. Ava Jackman (BYU)301.28

2. Meg Hostage (Stanford) 301.28

4. Tawni Jones (BYU)296.18

5. Katie Lampe (Stanford) 295.21

6. Sarah Ohr (Stanford)287.25

7. Carmen Stellar (Stanford)276.83

8. Shana Karp (Stanford)260.85

9. Kim Chang (BYU) 235.65

10. Tricia Bowen (BYU)227.41