Women Drop Disappointing Match To Utah At MWC Champs.


FORT WORTH -- The 2008 women's tennis season came to an end for the BYU women's team after a disappointing 4-0 loss to Utah in the quarterfinals of this year's MWC Women's Tennis Championships, Thursday.

The BYU duo of Dolly Chang and Chie Hayasaka posted an 8-6 victory over Utah's Leigh Walsh and Karine Bourdages at the No. 3 position but it wasn't enough as the Utes won the other two doubles matches for the 1-0 lead heading in to singles play.

Utah would capture the win with three straight-set victories in singles play.

"We fought hard today but it wasn't enough," said head coach Craig Manning. "The girls played as hard as they could, and sometimes it just doesn't go your way. Utah deserved the win."

The Cougars end the year with a 13-12 record.

-AGATE- Utah (15-8), def. No. 5 BYU (13-12), 4-0.


1. Elizabeth Ferris (Utah) def. No. 53 Anastasia Surkova (BYU) 7-6(4), 6-3

2. Kristina Doerr (BYU) vs. Emily Kwok (Utah) 7-6(3), 4-5, unf.

3. Erin Monson (Utah) def. Chie Hayasaka (BYU) 6-3, 6-2

4. Leigh Walsh (Utah) def. Elizaveta Ezhova (BYU) 6-3, 6-4

5. Ellie Carney (BYU) vs. Karine Bourdages (Utah) 6-4, 5-0, unf.

6. Andrea Maughan (Utah) vs. Dolly Chang (BYU) 6-4, 2-5, unf.

Order of Finish: 3, 4, 1*


1. Kwok/Ferris (Utah) def. No. 48 Surkova/Miccoli (BYU) 8-5

2. Monson/Maughan (Utah) def. Doerr/Carney (BYU) 9-7

3. Chang/Hayasaka (BYU) def. Walsh/Bourdages (Utah) 8-6

Order of Finish: 1, 3, 2*

*Clinching point