Christmas Card from BYU Athletics

A Christmas card has been arriving in the mail from BYU Athletics, picturing several current athletes and department employees. The printed message on the tri-folded card says: "May the Christmas Season fill your home with joy, your heart with love, & your life with LAUGHTER. MERRY CHRISTMAS from BYU Athletics!"
For those needing assistance identifying those from BYU Athletics pictured in the Christmas card between C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S in the attached pdf, they are: C-H-1) Tyler Haws, basketball; 2) Cosmo; 3) Janie Penfield, Associate Athletic Director; 4) Ralph Zobell, media relations; 5) Nycole Larsen, academic advisement; 6) Fui Vakapuna, Assistant to the Athletic Director for Student Services; R- 7) Zerlynn Tiang, swimming; I- 8) Jaylen Reyes, volleyball; S- 9) Jamaal Williams, football; 10) Tom Holmoe, Director of Athletics; 11) Lori Sowards, team travel; 12)Yolanda Bates, assistant swimming coach; 13) Manaaki Vaitai, football with LaVell Edwards' cutout; T-M-14)  Michelle Murphy, soccer; A- 15) Kolton Mahoney, baseball; 16) Sarah Yingling, cross country; 17) Spencer Gardner, cross country; S- 18) Francis Sargeant, tennis; 19) Bill Hoops, marketing coordinator; Y- 20) Makenzie Johnson, gymnastics.