BYU gymnastics signs Sydney Benson


PROVO, Utah – BYU gymnastics head coach Guard Young announced the signing of Sydney Benson for the 2021 roster on Wednesday.

The signing period opened on Nov. 13 and Benson is the first gymnast Young has signed for next school year. Throughout the entirety of her high school career at Riverton High School, Young continually recruited her. 

“We’ve had our eye on her,” Young said. “She has battled a few injuries and there was a time or two where we were concerned that she just wasn’t going to make it.”

Putting injuries aside, the Riverton, Utah, native continued to train at Olympus Gymnastics and has competed as a level-10 gymnast for the past five years. When given the opportunity, Benson jumped at the chance to come to BYU.

“The environment of BYU is amazing,” Benson said. “I’m most excited about being part of the team and being able to compete and expand my gym family.”

While building his potential roster, Young believes her resilient nature will be a positive addition to the team.

“The kid is tough as nails,” Young said. “That’s one of her best qualities and she isn’t going to let life stop her.”