BYU Football Ticket Reseating Information

With the ticket base continuing to expand, BYU Athletics will be reseating LaVell Edwards Stadium following the 2023 season.


With the ticket base continuing to expand, BYU Athletics will be reseating LaVell Edwards Stadium following the 2023 season. 

The reseating will include the north and south end zone areas and will begin in early 2024 with assigned timeslots based on Cougar Club level and priority points. If you are a current season-ticket holder, you will automatically receive a timeslot to select new seats. If not, please fill out the ticket interest form to receive a timeslot to secure your opportunity to purchase tickets. Even if you haven’t purchased season tickets previously, you still could have priority points. Make sure to log into your BYU Tickets account to see how many points you have. 

Note that sideline seats will continue to be reseated ever year. End zone seats will be renewable moving forward, consistent with what has been done historically and in the Marriott Center.

How the Process Works

Those interested in football season tickets can fill out an interest form. Those who are current season ticket holders do not need to fill out the form and will automatically receive a selection time/timeslot to select tickets. BYU Tickets will provide a timeslot to those who fill out the form based on priority points. Within that timeslot, you can select and purchase available seats you want online. The ticket office is available to help over the phone, if needed.

How Priority Points Work

Priority in the reseating process is granted by Cougar Club level, and within those levels, to those with the most priority points. Priority points are granted to Cougar Club members, as well as to non-Cougar Club members who have previously bought season tickets. You receive points for each year of continuous season ticket purchases. You also get credit for any past donations made to BYU Athletics, including if you were a previous Cougar Club member and your membership has now lapsed. All contributions and season ticket purchases will be credited toward your selection time. Anyone with a BYU Tickets account can log in and view their priority points.

Cougar Club Level and Priority Point Context

Example A

Leslie has been a Cougar Club member for five years and donates $125 per year. She has two football season tickets. She has priority points, being at the Royal Cougar level of the Cougar Club.

Example B

Ron is not a Cougar Club member. He has had three football season tickets for the past 10 years. Even though he’s not a Cougar Club member, he has priority points, since priority points are given for buying season football tickets. His selection time will come after Cougar Club members. Even if he has more priority points than Cougar Club members like Leslie, Cougar Club members select first.

Example C

Andy is a Cougar Club member who has had season tickets in an end zone section. Those seats have not been subject to reseating in the past. They are now. End zone seats will be reseated prior to the 2024 football season. If Andy purchases end zone seats in 2024, he can renew those seats in subsequent years until the next time the end zone is reseated, so long as he maintains his Cougar Club membership at the same or higher level as when he purchased his 2024 season tickets.

Example D

April is a Cougar Club member who has had season tickets in a sideline section. Those seats are reseated every year and will continue to be reseated on an annual basis.

Example E

Ann is a brand new Cougar Club member. She just joined and is excited for this Big 12 era of BYU Football. She has made a substantial initial donation of $100,000 to BYU Athletics. Because of her donation amount, which will put her at a higher Cougar Club level, she will get an earlier priority selection time.

Example F

Ethel participated in a fundraising campaign when the stadium was built and is a facility donor. She will keep her seat location since facility donor seats will not be reseated.

Example G

Bobby is a corporate sponsor. He will continue to work through the BYU Corporate Sponsorship Team for his tickets.

Example H

Jerry sits in the end zone and wants to get his exact same seat. While it is possible for him to get that same seat, it is unlikely. Jerry would need to be at a high enough level of Cougar Club membership where his priority selection time would give him the best chance of getting the same seat.

Example I

Leslie and Ann want to get tickets together. Ann would need to wait until Leslie’s selection time in order to select tickets together.

Note that Leslie, Ron, Andy and April are welcome to increase their donations and/or join Cougar Club, which will bump them up the priority line. However, we can not guarantee how many fans, such as Ann, will jump the line in front of them. This is the reason why we can’t automatically allow for renewing the exact same seats before we go through the reseating process. Donor interest continues to increase, and BYU Athletics must be responsive to that demand. Also note that even though Leslie, Ron, Andy and April will get timeslots to select season tickets, there is no guarantee that tickets will still be available for them to select, as there is a possibility that all available season tickets will be purchased before their respective timeslots at their priority level. It will depend on the amount of people ahead of them in the priority line who choose to buy tickets, as well as the number of tickets they choose to purchase.

Also note that each Cougar Club level equates to selecting your seats about one or two days earlier. The average amount of priority points of a non Cougar Club member is 3,700.


We anticipate 2024 season ticket pricing will be available soon. We understand that there have been a number of changes related to ticketing over the past year and appreciate the incredible loyalty of Cougar Nation. With that in mind, we anticipate modest price increases for select sections this year. There will be no price changes for 2024 end zone season tickets.


January – Facility Donor Renewals

January – Priority Donation Deadline

February – Seat Selection Begins for the Cougar Club

Spring – Seat Selection Begins for General Public

Late Spring – Seat Selection Ends

Moving Forward

Note that end zone season seats purchased in 2024 will be renewable and BYU Athletics reserves the right to reseat again at any time. Sideline seats will continue to be reseated annually.