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Cougars continue fall camp

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PROVO, Utah – BYU football continued fall camp with practice on Thursday at the Student Athlete Building fields. Read below for quotes from after practice.

Head coach Kalani Sitake | Interview Audio

On the defensive line
I feel really good about our defensive line. I thought they had a really good day today. We did some live situations that allowed them to pass rush quite a bit, and I was very pleased with the way they performed. We have a great coach in Coach Tuiaki as our defensive coordinator. He has an extensive knowledge with the defensive line as well as Coach Kaufusi. I am really happy with the coaching and the people that are there. I think we have some talent we can really work with.

On today’s live action
We had some good action today. We were able to make some tackles and blocks. It was a good fundamental day. Our offensive line and defensive line are doing great. I think we are getting some really good battles at the line of scrimmage, which is what we want. Some days and some plays we are getting some good pushes from the offensive line, and other days the defensive line is getting pushing back. It is really good competition right now and that’s what we are looking forward to when we are trying to get them ready in the offseason.  

Standouts in today’s scrimmage
Our defense created some good turnovers. Our defensive backs played well today. I think the defense got the best of the day, but we put our offense in some bad situations as far as what we are trying to look at in our two-minute situations. We made it really hard on them today, but they’ll get used to it. We aren’t going to let off the pressure of our defense—we are going to keep bringing it. I think that is the best way to get our offense ready.  

On the special teams
I feel good with our special teams. As far as our place kicking, we will be able to compete a little bit more. Our punt game and organization that Ed has done is all on point. The guy who is making the most kicks will be the guy and that’s going to create some competition in the next couple weeks.

On Jamaal Williams
Jamaal is doing great. We have been tagging a lot, so it feels good for him to get tackled here and there. He is a veteran and he is used to all of it, so there is not really much we can do with him except sharpen him up and get him ready to roll. 

Defensive coordinator & linebackers coach Ilaisa Tuiaki | Interview Audio

After about a week of practice
It’s coming. I think the kids are starting to get it now, the techniques we’re asking them to play. They are starting to get the schemes and it’s coming along well. It was the first full-pads day. We went live for a couple of periods to get the work we had to get in and other than that, we went back to our normal tempo. It was really, really intense and we only went a short yardage, but that was fun to see the guys compete.

Biggest adjustment
Probably just technique, especially for the D-line just holding two gaps. Sometimes we’ll ask them to do that, but for the most part they hold a one gap and just change a little bit as far as the way they play. The corners mixing up their coverage has been good for them. That’s the biggest thing really with the D-lineman and corners.

Middle linebacker position
We’re really deep in that position. I don’t really feel like there is that big of a drop off when we’re going from Harvey (Langi) to Butch (Pau’u) to (Adam) Pulsipher. Austin Heder is back now. There is a lot of depth there and they’re playing multiple positions. I think it’s helping them learn the defense a little bit better. We’ve got enough depth there we can go all the way down and we don’t have a drop off.

On Butch Pau’u
Butch is a really savvy football player. The way he moves, the way he understands football, and playing a little bit of offense has been beneficial for him because of his ability to see formations and plays and react to blocks. You can see him moving a little bit faster because of that knowledge. He’s tough. That guy is dynamite. He’s probably the shortest back we have, but he’s explosive, really physical and runs well. That makes for a good backer.

On Fred Warner
Fred is a good player and he does everything for us. We can put him out on coverage, man to man, zone dropping, blitzing, everything. He’s the total package. A lot of these backers can do a lot of that stuff, but Fred has got the combination of size and speed that you’d like in a guy to play backer.

Transition for Sae Tautu
He’s been good. He was playing the boundary back there in their system and he’s kind of a rush guy. He’s doing the same thing. He’s causing havoc in the past rush, really stout in the run. We’re excited.  

Rotation of cornerbacks in the game
I think you’ve got to rotate as soon as you start facing teams like Arizona, games that go fast tempo. We have to be able to have a reliable back up that’s taking 20-30 snaps off of the starters. We have to make sure there’s not a big drop off with the corners as well. The corners run a lot.

Francis Bernard’s transition
Francis is a lot like Butch and a lot like Fred where he brings physicality and he’s really, really smooth. His transition has been good. He’ll be a big time backer if he continues on the track he’s on now.

Characterizing the defense
I can’t put my finger on one thing. But I really love the way BYU defense has been playing for decades now. It’s just keeping it going in the same direction, tough and smart football. We have high effort guys and we want to continue to go that way.

Junior LB Fred Warner

On practice today
Today was the first day of full pads. They wanted to make sure we’re keeping everyone healthy so we had short period in the beginning where we did a goal line situational type. It went well. Defense did well and everybody was physical so it looked good.

On Troy Warner holding his own
He’s absolutely holding his own. Today during one of the last plays of practice when we were in two-minute situations it was fourth down and they had to score. They threw it up to his side and he knocked it down so we could get off the field and win the game. He’s holding his own for sure. He had a pick yesterday, so he’s been doing really well.

Offseason prep with his role changing
It wasn’t a huge change where I had to change my body. They want me fast enough to cover receivers and that’s not a problem. I feel like I can do that at any weight they ask me too. I focus on whatever I can do to help the team.

How the defense is looking
The defense looks great. I have no problem with the defense. We have all the pieces and plenty of talent. It’s just making sure we know all our assignments so we can all play fast for the game.

Senior running back Algernon Brown

What he stayed after practice to work on
Getting the right position on blocks and using the right shoulder and right feet. I’m trying to get better at positioning myself for blocking.

How the offense is looking
We look good. We have a lot to work on as far as full speed and more contact so I think we’ll keep working.

On who has the upper hand
Today the defense had the upper hand and they were doing a lot of situational stuff and they were more ready for full go.

Being in full pads today
It’s good to be back and getting more contact in and having guys hit you more. I feel like I’m still trying to ease into it.

Facing Francis Bernard now that he’s on the opposite side
It’s different. He’s an athletic dude. If you try to put a move on him he’ll stick with you. He’s physical so if you try to block him he’ll be physical as well so it’s a tough contest.

On Jamaal Williams in the huddle
He’s focused and he’s more of the leader in the huddle so he gets everyone else focused and on the right page to have the right mindset.

What offense needs to do to get the upper hand back
We need to get better and know our assignments. We need to do what we’ve practiced rather than getting into situations and losing our minds.