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Cougar players and Coach Rose discuss BYU's at-large bid

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PROVO, Utah – BYU coach Dave Rose and players Tyler Haws, Kyle Collinsworth, Chase Fischer and Skyler Halford met with the media following the NCAA Selection Show to talk about receiving an at-large bid to the 2015 NCAA Tournament and their matchup with Ole Miss.

Tyler Haws

"It was terrible. The tension was pretty high in that room. We were confident going into today. Then when you see all these other teams getting their name called before you it can be nerve wracking. We're just really happy our name got called and we're excited to play."

"It's really special. Everyone in that locker room has worked really hard to put us in that spot. There was a time during the year when times were not good and everyone stuck together and still believed in each other and we finished on a good note. We're playing the right way and hopefully we can continue to have that edge and win a few games."

On playing on Tuesday:

"We've had a week. Our last game was Tuesday. We've had some time to regroup mentally and physically. I think we've just got to understand what's gotten us to this point and to continue to do those things, play with an edge and play together."

"Any spot in the tournament is a good spot. We're excited to play this game and get to Dayton. A few of the guys have been there before. We're going to get our minds right and get ready to go."

On Ole Miss:

"They play a fun style, similar style to us. They play fast and hopefully that plays to our advantage."

Skyler Halford

On his leg injury:

"I'm good to go. I practiced fully the last couple of days and felt great. On the touch I felt a little zing to my toe. I got hit and then had no feeling from my knee down. It hurt at the time but as the night went on it was sore and I could feel my toe."

"The thought of having to play in any other tournament, it's a sad thought and you don't want to go out that way. I'm really grateful for the opportunity that we do have. I'm happy that we're in and excited to go out and play."

Chase Fischer

"The cool thing about the play-in game is that it's two really good teams in both. I think we're excited and just thankful to be in and it’s kind of amazing what we've done over the past couple weeks to get in this position."

"Especially, how we've been playing lately we've been on a really good roll, playing good basketball and in a good rhythm. It's a great opportunity and we're for sure going to make the most of it."

"I think it's special. Things weren't falling our way this season and I think a lot of people counted us out. It takes a special group, staff and everyone that's around us to make this run. I wish everyone outside could see what was going on behind the scenes and how we came together. I think we just have a special group of guys who are friends off the court and that's more important than anything on the court because that created the chemistry and made everything happen. It's just a special group of guys playing with each other and getting outside of ourselves and caring about the team more."

Kyle Collinsworth

"I'm just excited. I don't care what seed we are. We're in and we have an opportunity to make a lot of noise and to play in the big tournament."

"It was literally the last bracket. I figured we'd get in at least in the play-in game. You try not to think about it. You realize it's not in your hands."

"We're excited to be in here. We're playing great and we're playing great at the right time."

On the short prep for Tuesday:

"Focus on us more. We'll get personnel and matchups, but focus on us and play how we've ben playing and that's how we've been winning."

"Every day after that injury I wake up and feel grateful that I get to play. I'm grateful I get to play in this tournament. My freshman year was awesome but I didn't get to play last year."

Coach Dave Rose

“I’m really excited. I’m excited for our players. I think the last month of the season has been probably as fun as any team I’ve coached. These guys have been determined and I’m happy the results turned out really good for them. I feel this is a good basketball team and we get to prove it.”

“This is a tough turn around. We have a few players who have been through it. Nate obviously went through it but won’t be playing and Anson and Josh were with us. We’ll try to get out there as soon as possible and get on the floor and practice.”

“The one thing in all sports, it’s a great life lesson, you never give up. You never give up on yourself or the opportunity that’s next for you. We were 5-4 halfway through the WCC schedule and the guys had the opportunity to go a lot of different ways but what they chose as a group to finish this thing as strong as we possibly can.”

“Sometimes a team is a little easier to manage without a lot of challenges when you just keep winning and you can manage it from that point of view. When you get a team with all of the challenges and disappointments and setbacks and these guys can still find a way to get together and make something really special happen late, it emotionally draws you to that group. Not every group can do that but this group banded together.”

“It’ll be a big challenge to find out what we can about Ole Miss but the real challenge is our guys, to get them a good night’s rest and a convenient travel time to get to a difficult place to get to from here and get adjusted to the time. Hopefully our guys will feel their best mentally and physically when we get to the tip. That will be my biggest concentration with the guys.” 

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