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Quotes from Nov. 24 after practice

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Quotes from media on Tuesday, Nov. 24, prior to playing Mississippi Valley State on Wednesday.

BYU head coach Dave Rose

On Nick Emery starting:

“We’re trying to find a group that we can consistently count on. We need to get started off in games better. We’re a little bit inconsistent in our execution and we think Nick can help us.

“Confidence is an interesting thing with players. This year we’re just trying to find what that is, right now. Some consistency on the defensive end and scoring to start the game is important to us and hopefully Nick can bring that to us.”

Playing together:

“The progress that we’ve made in practice has been really good. Our focus has been better and the guys understand more how we want to play. This game tomorrow night is so much about how we can progress from the last game. To me the execution is the whole key with this team right now. How we can run our offensive sets, defensively play together and be able to understand how we’re going to guard all the different schemes teams put against us. Not just with one lineup, we need three, four, five groups of guys and that’s where we’re having issues right now trying to expand that group a little bit.”

Jamal Aytes participating consistently:

“This is the best run we’re on right now. Hopefully, we can keep it going. His presence from a week and a half ago until now, you can see him getting better, physically getting in better shape, but also being able to feel more comfortable in what we do and how we do it. Hopefully, we can stay on that path.”

Helping shooters: 

“The most important thing for me is that they know the coaching staff has confidence in what they do. Confidence is such a big part of how these kids play.”

Getting production from one guy or a group:

“You need guys that love to be in a big moment and can perform. Guys like to be that guy, but for consistency throughout the season you need to have a group of six or seven guys that are all contributing offensively, so you don’t have to have a guy have such a big night every night. The most important thing for us is to get a group of eight, nine, 10, 11 guys that we can rely on and that will really help us consistently through a league schedule.”

Nick Emery

On starting against MVSU:

“It’s going to be a good game. We’re ready for it.

“I feel good, whenever coach calls your number you have to be  ready, whether that’s starting or coming off the bench. Coming off the bench, you can kind of see how the game is going. Starting is obviously a good thing and I’m just excited. It’s going to be fun.”

Shooting confidence:

“Coach Rose and this offense, he trusts us that we’re going to knock down shots. He’s confident that if we miss one we’re going to make the next one and that’s what’s great about coach Rose.”

On continuing his brother’s defensive legacy:

“You just have to read the situation, the defenders eyes and we’re very good at anticipating. The way we play defense it’s easier to see the ball and getting out in the passing lanes is fun. When you get that steal and go lay it in it gets the team going.”

Last time out vs. Adams State:

“We found our identity, who we are and how we play and it’s a huge confident boost going into this next stretch that we have. We’re finding ourselves and that’s the most important thing.”

Playing inside-out:

“We do have an inside post game. That’s opened up a lot of things for our guards. When we penetrate, we can dump it off and get open and that opens up the offense.”

Kyle Davis

MVSU expectations:

“We’re expecting them to put up a great effort and we just need to be ready to play against a team that will be high energy and high intensity and we’re looking forward to the challenge of playing them.”

Learning to play inside-out:

“We’re improving every day on that, being able to get the ball in and get it out. I don’t think you’re going to see a decreased amount of 3-point shots. We’re going to be taking shots that are more open, that are coming inside-out, that are easier to make. The identity of the team is still going to be a fast-paced up-tempo, but we do have the option to throw it into the post and get buckets and kicking it out and getting buckets. We’re progressing each day with it and with each coming game we hope to get better and better.” 

Playing together:

“We’ve had many opportunities to blend and mesh. Now it’s getting ourselves down to running an offense effectively, but as far as chemistry we’re doing great on that.”

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