Anonymous | Posted: 5 Dec 2003 | Updated: 5 Dec 2003

Divers Compete at BYU Invitational

PROVO -- The BYU men's diving team placed three divers in the top-five in the 1-meter competition, while the women placed one in the top-four of the 3-meter competition Friday at the BYU Invitational.

Justin Beardall placed second in the 1-meter competition with a score of 285.75, less than one point behind the University of Utah's Sterling Richards. Scott Randall finished third and Jeremy Budge finished fifth.

On the women's side, Wendy Poppleton placed third in the 3-meter competition behind two UNLV divers, Nichole McLean and Jessica Field.

The competition will conclude on Saturday, with the prelims beginning at 9 a.m.

Men's 1-meter

1. Sterling Richards, 286.65 (UofU)

2. Justin Beardall, 285.75 (BYU)

3. Scott Randall, 277.95 (BYU)

4. Harley Davis, 215.65 (UofU)

5. Jeremy Budge, 211.45 (BYU)

6. Jacob Jewett, 207.50 (UofU)

7. Casey Fay, 205.90 (UNLV)

8. Andy Jones, 201.50 (UofU)

Women's 3-meter

1. Nichole McLean, 416.10 (UNLV)

2. Jessica Field, 370.85 (UNLV)

3. Wendy Poppleton, 344.10 (BYU)

4. Heather Orme, 296.95 (UNLV)

5. Ashley Campbell, 254.50 (BYU)