Genny Hickman | Posted: 23 Sep 2017 | Updated: 8 Nov 2020

S.Tullis wins singles draw at intra-squad competition

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PROVO, Utah – Sophomore Sam Tullis beat out fellow teammates to win the singles draw at the Fall Classic intra-squad competition this weekend. Junior Jeffrey Hsu and sophomore Sean Hill took home the doubles title.

“I think it's terrific during this time of the year to have an opportunity to see where each guy is at with his game and their competitiveness" head BYU Coach Brad Pearce said. "Our guys handled it really well, especially playing against each other which can be hard. I’m really impressed by the performances I saw, and I think guys got better. I told the guys as we finished, that the sky is the limit this year if we keeping working, pulling and pushing each other to get better.”

S. Tullis beat John Pearce in two sets (6-2, 6-4) to earn the singles victory.

Hsu and Hill beat teammates junior Matthew Pearce and sophomore Ben Gajardo (8-5) to secure the doubles title.

Sophomores David Ball and Victor Brown were able to get in their first matches since returning home from their missions. Freshmen Artsiom AusiyevichBen Gajardo and Jacob Tullis participated in their first tournament as Cougars.

BYU now prepares for the next preseason tournament-- the Boise Invitational Oct. 6-7.