Natalie Orr | Posted: 5 Mar 2021 | Updated: 16 Mar 2021

No.11 BYU achieves 196.900 against No. 2 Oklahoma

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NORMAN, Oklahoma – Despite another strong performance, No. 11 BYU couldn't pull off the upset at No. 2 Oklahoma in Lloyd Noble Arena on Friday as the undefeated Sooners notched their 15th-straight win, 197.800-196.900.


Nearing the end of the season, this is BYU’s fourth consecutive meet earning a 196.900 or higher. 

“It’s great that we were right there with them on the first two events, especially a team like Oklahoma, who is ranked second in the country,” head coach Guard Young. “A 196.900 is a great away score and we are going to take it. We’re leaving really happy.”

BYU started the competition off on a positive note, earning a solid 49.200 on the uneven bars. All Cougars achieved a 9.825 or higher. Freshman Anyssa Alvarado, junior Abby Beeston and senior Abby Boden-Stainton would lead the pack with scores of 9.850. The Sooners held a lead of .175 heading into the second rotation. 

On vault, BYU put up another 49.200, the second-highest score of the season on the apparatus. Senior Angel Zhong tied her career-high score of 9.850. Senior Avery Bennett matched the score. A highlight included freshman Allix Mason crushing her former career best of 9.825, notching a team-high score of 9.875. The Cougars did not let up, only trailing the Sooners 98.650-98.400.

In the third rotation, Oklahoma continued to climb, etching a 49.625 on the board for their beam team. Sooner Anastasia Webb received a perfect 10. On floor for BYU, junior Rachel Bain scored a 9.875, trumping her former career-high of 9.850. Seniors Avery Bennett and Jordan Danbury-Matthews matched the mark. Junior Brittney Vitkauskas performed an impressive routine, snagging the team-high score of 9.925. However, two Cougars stepping out of bounds would amount to a 49.200, bringing the tally to 148.325-147.600.

“Even the little mistakes we had on floor, those girls were attacking those floor routines,” Young said. “I’m not upset about them at all.”

BYU held its head high, as in the final rotation of the night, the team managed a 49.300. This stands as the second-highest beam score of the season. The freshmen turned heads, as Elease Rollins celebrated a new career-high score of 9.925, with Sophia McClelland notching a 9.900. In the end, Oklahoma continued its winning streak.

“To round out the night on beam, the girls stayed strong and put up a solid beam score,” Young said. “Those last few girls on beam did a great job staying composed and staying in the meet the whole time.”

Up next, the Cougars host their final home meet in the Marriott Center against No. 13 Denver on Thursday, March 11, at 7 p.m. MST.