Anonymous | Posted: 7 Apr 2001 | Updated: 7 Apr 2001

Cougars Falter At Regionals, Take Third

LOS ANGELES, Calif., (April 7, 2001) -- In a regional meet that came down to the last event to decide the second team to qualify for Nationals, Oregon State scored a 48.750 On vault to pass the Cougars for the final qualifying spot and second place in the West Region at UCLA with a 194.075 To BYU's 193.050. The No. 1 UCLA Bruins scored a 197.775 to easily take first place.

The Cougars started off the meet with a rough outing on the bars, scoring a 47.175, their lowest score of the season, and only sub-48 bars score this year. BYU had two falls in the rotation, not counting an 8.900 by Brooke Craig, but counting a 9125 by Lindsay Lines. Kelly Parkinson scored the team-high with a 9.700. UCLA scored a 49.500 on the floor to lead the first rotation, California scored a 48.200 on the vault and Cal State Fullerton scored a 46.500 on the beam.

BYU moved to beam in the second rotation, with Kim Little scoring a team-high 9.875. Without counting a fall, the Cougars fared better on beam, scoring a 48.525. After two rotations, BYU had a 95.700, behind UCLA's 98.975.

After a bye in the third rotation, the Cougars were in fourth place with a 95.700 after two events, behind UCLA, Oregon State and Boise State. BYU moved to the floor in the fourth rotation, where they scored a 48.850. Despite a music glitch to begin her floor routine, Little scored a 9.800 and Parkinson scored a 9.900 to lead all BYU floor scores.

In the fifth rotation, the final event for the Cougars, BYU moved to vault. Parkinson again led all BYU scores with a 9.875, while Angie Hickman scored a 9.850 and Little scored a 9.775.

But, with a bye in the sixth rotation, BYU could only watch as Oregon State hit every vault to score the 48.750 and move into second place.

In the all-around, Parkinson scored a 39.225 and Little scored a 38.825. UCLA's Mohini Bhardwaj won the all-around with a 39.775, and fellow Bruins Yvonne Tousek and Onnie Willis scored a 39.600 and a 39.500 respectively.

With the top two finishes, both UCLA and Oregon State advance to Nationals to be held at the University of Georgia on Saturday, April 21. Other schools qualifying from all six regions include Stanford and Michigan from the Northeast Region, Alabama and Arizona State from the Central Region, Utah and Denver from the North Central Region and Nebraska and Oklahoma from the South Central Region.


Vault Bars Beam Floor TOTAL

BYU: 48.500 47.175 48.535 48.850 193.050

UCLA: 49.475 49.400 49.400 49.500 197.775

Oregon State: 48.750 48.650 49.000 47.675 194.075

California: 48.200 47.175 48.150 48.650 192.175

Boise State: 48.550 46.625 47.225 48.200 190.600

CS Fullerton: 48.575 47.250 46.500 47.475 189.800



Vault: 48.500

Jeni Lopez 9.050

Kari Dye 9.275

Brogan Jacobsen 9.725

Kim Little 9.775

Angie Hickman 9.850

Kelly Parkinson 9.875

Bars: 47.175

Jeni Lopez 9.550

Brooke Craig 8.800

Brogan Jacobsen 9.475

Lindsay Lines 8.950

Kim Little 9.500

Kelly Parkinson 9.700

Beam: 48.535

Brooke Craig 9.600

Karen Froerer 9.600

Kim Little 9.875

Lindsay Lines 9.200

Kari Dye 9.675

Kelly Parkinson 9.775

Floor: 48.850

C. Cosgrave 9.775

Angie Hickman 9.150

Kari Dye 9.550

Jeni Lopez 9.825

Kim Little 9.800

Kelly Parkinson 9.900


Kelly Parkinson 39.225

Kim Little 38.825