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 NCAA Finish
2022-232ndWCCIndividual - Allysha Mae MateoNCAA San Antonio 
2021-222ndWCCTeam - 7thNCAA Franklin 
2020-213rdWCCIndividual - Allysha Mae Mateo (T52)NCAA Stanford 
2019-20Season ended early due to COVID-19    
2017-181stWCCTeam - 9thNCAA AustinIndividual - Rose Huang (21st)
2016-171stWCCTeam - 12th NCAA LubbockIndividual - Alexandra White (14th)
2015-161stWCCTeam - 6thNCAA Baton Rouge24th
2014-155thWCCIndividual - Lea Garner (50th)NCAA West (St. George, UT) 
2013-143rdWCCIndividual - Alexandra White (44th)NCAA West (Cle Elum, WA) 
2010-11 ~3rdMWCTeam - 12thNCAA West (Auburn, WA) 
2007-082ndMWCTeam - 17thNCAA West 
2006-072ndMWCTeam - 4thNCAA West17th
2005-063rdMWCTeam - 10thNCAA WestIndividual - Rachel Newren (16th)
2004-054thMWCTeam - 6thNCAA West24th
2003-042ndMWCTeam - 13thNCAA West 
2001-02 =4th  MWCTeam - 16thNCAA West 
2000-014thMWCTeam - 18thNCAA West 
1999-002ndMWCTeam - 20thNCAA WestIndividual - Carrie Summerhays (40th)
1998-994thNew WACDNPNCAA West 
1997-985thNew WACTeam - 20thNCAA West 
1996-979thNew WACTeam - 16thNCAA West 
1995-962ndWACTeam - 14thNCAA West 
1994-952ndWACTeam - 18thNCAA West 
1993-943rdWACTeam - 13thNCAA West 
1992-93 #2ndWACTeam - 11thNCAA WestNCAA+
1991-921stWAC—-not held 
1990-911stWAC—-not held 
1989-902ndHCAC—-not held 
1988-893rdHCAC—-not held 
1987-883rdHCAC—-not held 
1986-873rdHCAC—-not held 
1985-863rdHCAC—-not held 
1984-851stHCAC—-not heldNCAA (14th)
1983-842ndHCAC—-not heldNCAA+
1982-832ndHCAC—-not heldNCAA+
1981-82  ^***IACTeam - 2ndAIAW Region VIIAIAW (12th)
1980-81***IACTeam - 2ndAIAW Region VIIAIAW+
1979-80***IACTeam - 2ndAIAW Region VIIAIAW (25th)
1978-79***IACTeam - 4thAIAW Region VIIAIAW (11th)
1977-78 ****IACTeam - 3rdAIAW Region VIIAIAW+
1976-77***IACTeam - 4thAIAW Region VIIAIAW+
1975-76***IAC (Incomplete Team)AIAW+
1974-75not heldIACNot held  
1973-74 **not heldICCWPENot held  
1972-73 **not heldICCWPENot held  

~ Beginning of Carrie Roberts era
= Beginning of Sue Nyhus era
* Beginning of Gary Howard era
** Betty Vickers era, Phyllis Jacobson coached prior to that time
*** The IAC and AIAW Regional Championships were one and the same
- Regionals not held
^ First year of NCAA championships for women 
# First year of NCAA regional qualifying tournaments for women
+ BYU represented by individual qualifiers at championship 
AIAW held first national team championship in the spring of 1973