Uniform Athlete Agents Act & BYU Policies for All Sports Except Football

In accordance with the state of Utah's "Uniform Athlete Agents Act," any athlete agent interested in communicating with current BYU student-athletes or their families must: 

  • Hold a current Athlete Agent License 
  • Receive approval from BYU athletic compliance staff prior to contacting student-athletes or their families
  • Wait until the student-athlete's competitive playing season concludes before contacting student-athletes or their families

Football Agent Policy 

Athlete agents wanting to communicate with BYU football student-athletes are required to adhere to the state's "Uniform Athlete Agents Act," hold a valid Utah Agent License, and register with the NFLPA. Further, these agents must register with BYU athletic compliance staff. 

If the above requirements are all fulfilled, agents may contact compliance staff to schedule in-person meetings with specific football student-athletes. All meetings will take place on the BYU campus and must be scheduled in advance through compliance staff.

Agent meetings and contacts (including phone contacts) are only permissible during the summer prior to the student-athlete's senior year and after the last regular season game. Meetings in summer must occur prior to fall camp. Meetings following the final regular season game cannot be at the bowl game site. Contacting juniors or other underclassmen is not permissible. Agents should not send marketing materials of their services directly to the student-athletes; rather they are encouraged to send marketing materials for student-athletes directly to compliance staff who will then provide the materials directly to the student-athlete.

Finally, it is not permissible to contact BYU student-athletes before or after a game or practice. Compliance staff members appreciate agent cooperation with this policy and reserve the right to revoke privileges for failure to comply with the aforementioned expectations.