BYU Cougarettes Audition Process

First Round — Technique Auditions

  1. Legs combo (battements, extensions, leg hold turns)
  2. Turns combo (chaines, piques, pirouettes and variations of fouetté technique)
  3. Leaps combo 
  4. Aerials and tricks: Right and left side aerial, kip-up, headspring to stand, rubber-band and any other proficient trick or gymnastic skill
  5. Advanced specialty turn combo in center, dancer’s choice, three sets of eight

Second Round — Routine Auditions

  1. Jazz combo
  2. Hip hop combo
  3. One-minute solo routine, use appropriate music with clean lyrics
  4. Specialty skills (if needed, by request of the judges)

Third Round — Interview and call backs 

  1. Interviews
  2. May be asked to perform solo, certain skills, jazz or hip-hop combo. 


Each person who auditioned will be contacted individually via email and informed if they made the 2022-23 Cougarette team or not.