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Conference Freshman of the Year

  • Patrick Kawka, 2010-11
  • Thomas Shubert, 2007-08
  • Erik Nyman, 2000-01

Conference Coach of the Year

  • Brad Pearce, 2010-11
  • Brad Pearce, 2009-10
  • Jim Osborn, 2002-03
  • Jim Osborn, 2000-01

All-Conference Performers since 1990

Jack Barnett2022-23WCCHonorable Mention - Singles
   Second Team Doubles
Wally Thayne2022-23WCCHonorable Mention - Singles
   Second Team Doubles
Wally Thayne2021-22WCCHonorable Mention - Singles
Jack Barnett2020-21WCCSecond Team Singles
   First Team Doubles
Ben Gajardo2020-21WCCHonorable Mention - Singles
   First Team Doubles
Sean Hill2020-21WCCFirst Team Singles
Sean Hill2018-19WCCFirst Team Singles
   First Team Doubles
Jeffrey Hsu2018-19WCCSecond Team Doubles
   First Team Doubles
Sam Tullis2018-19WCCSecond Team Doubles
Ben Gajardo2018-19WCCSecond Team Doubles
Sean Hill2017-18WCCFirst Team Singles
   Second Team Doubles
Jeffrey Hsu2017-18WCCSecond Team Doubles
   Honorable Mention - Singles
Sam Tullis2017-18WCCHonorable Mention - Singles
Ben Gajardo2017-18WCCHonorable Mention - Singles
Jacob Sullivan2016-17WCCFirst Team Singles
   Second Team Doubles
Aidan Carrazedo2016-17WCCSecond Team Doubles
Shane Monroe2015-16WCCSecond Team Singles
Andrey Goryachkov2015-16WCCHonorable Mention - Singles
Keaton Cullimore2015-16WCCHonorable Mention - Singles
Francis Sargeant2014-15WCCSecond Team Singles
Francis Sargeant2013-14WCCSecond Team Singles
Andrey Goryachkov2013-14WCCHonorable Mention - Singles
Patrick Kawka2012-13WCCFirst Team Singles
   First Team Doubles
Francis Sargeant2012-13WCCFirst Team Doubles
   Honorable Mention - Singles
Keaton Cullimore2012-13WCCHonorable Mention - Singles
Georgy Batrakov2011-12WCCFirst Team Singles
   Second Team Doubles
Patrick Kawka2011-12WCCSecond Team Doubles
   Honorable Mention - Singles
Spencer Smith2011-12WCCSecond Team Singles
   Honorable Mention - Doubles
Francis Sargeant2011-12WCCHonorable Mention - Doubles
Georgy Batrakov2010-11MWCSingles
Evan Urbina2010-11MWCSingles
Spencer Smith2010-11MWCSingles
Thomas Shubert2010-11MWCDoubles
Thomas Shubert2009-10MWCSingles
Cassidy Mears2009-10MWCDoubles
Evan Urbina2009-10MWCSingles
Evan Urbina2008-09MWCSingles
James Ludlow2006-07MWCSingles
Dominik Kaufhold2006-07MWCDoubles
Chip Hand2006-07MWCSingles
Dominik Kaufhold2005-06MWCSingles
James Ludlow2005-06MWCSingles
Nima Roshan2004-05MWCSingles
Jose Lechuga2004-05MWCDoubles
James Ludlow2004-05MWCSingles
Dominik Kaufhold2004-05MWCDoubles
Erik Nyman2003-04MWCSingles
Nima Roshan2003-04MWCSingles
Carols Lozano2002-03MWCSingles
Erik Nyman2002-03MWCSingles
Gert Vilms2001-02MWCSingles
Carlos Lozano2001-02MWCSingles
Gert Vilms2000-01MWCSingles
Carlos Lozano2000-01MWCSingles
Gert Vilms1999-00MWCSingles
Carlos Lozano1999-00MWCSingles
Damien Ward1999-00MWCSingles
Manuel Calvo1997-98WACSingles
Damien Ward1997-98WACSingles
Boris Basnjakovic1996-97WACSingles
Manuel Calvo1996-97WACSingles
Boris Basnjakovic1995-96WACSingles
Boris Basnjakovic1994-95WACSingles
Mark Quinney1992-93WACSingles
Herman Vandecasteele1992-93WACSingles
George Chingas1990-91WACSingles
Herman Vandecasteele1990-91WACSingles